Friday, March 02, 2007

*Cough Cough* *GAG*

And I thought my living room was dusty! I do believe I'm going to need industrial strength cleaners for this blog. ;) As soon as you are done falling over from shock I'll continue my post.



Oh come on already! Put your butt back in that chair! Sheeesh.

So here I am after three months of not blogging. For some of that time I honestly have a really good excuse but there's about a month there that I'm just going to have to admit I've been lazy as hell. I'm sorry I haven't been posting and it means alot to see that people still visit this blog. I'm also sorry to the people who had just become regulars when I suddenly stopped. I know how much it sucks to find a blog you like just to see it never get another post or just disappear. I suck, what can I say?

My excuse for at least part of the time is that I was sick for two months straight. *grumble* Ugh. I'm still achy everyday and no longer able to spend much time online but I definately want to get back to blogging as much as I can. I miss my bloggie friends. *heart*

We did however get to have company at the end of January in the form of my friend Meg, her daughter, and their exchange student Tochter (not her real name). The kids enjoyed all the board games that were played and it was really nice meeting and getting to know Tochter. Meg also made me a very pretty leather bowl as a thank you gift.

The new house~ a pain in the bahookey to say the least.

The kids~ doing fine. They hate it here because it's 15 minutes from town and 30 minutes from the city which means we don't get out much anymore. Big B still attends a Teen Group with some friends but outside of that he says he doesn't care about friends right now.

Sis made a few public school friends but then the little jerks ditched her after making fun of her (supposedly my 90lb daughter is fat and has a big nose which if that is true then mine must be a royal honker!). *eyeroll* Of course, her homeschool friends who were kind of mean to her as well ditched her after we moved too.

MonkeyBoy could care less to be honest. He is one of those kids who can play alone or in a group and is happy either way. He has been on me to start taking him down to our duck pond though so I'm going to have to get my big butt moving here soon. lol.

Other than that its been a pretty run of the mill life. I put up a new post on our MEN2a blog that covers the health side of things. The doctor's office called yesterday to tell me that my CT Scan is scheduled for March 12th so wish me luck! The results of that will affect alot of things for me and I promise I will update when I find out the results. ;)

So there you go, a very boring post I'm afraid and definately not worth waiting three months for. I'll try to think of something fun and blogworthy to post in a few days okay?


Frankie said...

Thank you for bringing us up to date. I do think of you often and wonder how things are going.

You do *not* suck, though, wipe that thought from your head.

Wish we lived close as I'm sure Thomas would like playing with your kids...and he would come quickly to the defense of anyone being picked on. (Big nose comment, he'd have gone crazy on the perps.)


Anonymous said...

Not a boring post at all...Glad to hear you are still 'out there'...

Run of the mill is quite nice.

Sorry to hear your daughter is struggling with friends...I'm sure you are such a supporting mom!!! And with friends like know. She'll find real ones eventually.
Girls can be tough.

Glad to hear from you...

cmurdie said...

It's good to see you back online a little more!! I hope that maybe when public schools let out for summer, or even spring break, the kids will get to meet more people their age and maybe some real friendships will form!! I know that has to be hardest for Sis!! Hang in there girl, call, email, or write if you need me k!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back :o)

Jane said...

I don't care what it says its just good to see you blogging agian , i've missed you !!

jafabrit said...

yea, but it is nice to see you back :)

Anonymous said...


It's good to see you back and feeling well enough to post. I stopped by a bunch of times to see if you had updated.