Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Absolute GENIUS!!!

I was going to post about what a big suckfest the neighborhood yard sale was today but mehhh it's not that interesting. Just one community with lots of people trying to pawn their worthless shit off on some other moron who will later pawn it off on another and thus the cycle continues. I spent a total of $2 on four books and a little stuffed Pikachu (which I covered in Lysol as soon as I got it home. Anal much? Why yes I am!) for MonkeyBoy.

The yard sales sucking meant I had some free time this morning to actually blog surf. I found some kickass posts and sites that I wanted to share so here goes...

Karrie at One Weird Mother is Bringing Messy Back. This is fanfuckingtastic to say the least!

Tired of going shopping or running errands and having to deal with assholes who can't park? Well now you can do something about it! Thanks to Karrie I found You Park Like An Asshole. You can bet I printed up a few notices not only for myself but Hubby Guy as well. I'm going grocery shopping in a few and have no doubt I'll be slappin' these puppies on some shitty parkers' windshields!

It's a tampon, it's a vibrator, no it's PINK STINGER!!! These are my new must have gift. I even emailed the link to Hubby Guy. I want this and I don't care if I never get attacked either. There are sooooooo many people I could use this on! 50,000 VOLTS GIRLS!!! The damage I could do to a certain deadbeat dad. *snicker* I'm not big on pink but for Pink Stinger I will make the exception!

Come to find out, Sweatpants Mom's mini-van does the same kinds of things MY mini-van does! I know! Weird! She trumps me though because so far the worst of mine has been the side of the garage jumping out and denting my front fender. That bastard even left some of it's white paint on the van to taunt me.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Thanks for the mention!

One Wacky Mom said...

You use the same language I make me laugh. you are awesome babe.

I'm not in wackoworld alone!