Monday, May 14, 2007

Well Golly Gee, Wasn't That Just A Hoot!


Well at least now I know that if I'm offline for more than a day or two you guys will miss me. :) Heck, Meg will even call me to make sure I'm alright and everyone else in the house is still alive! How's that for love?! Sorry to go AWOL on ya for the past week. It wasn't because you smell bad or dress funny. Honest. Okay so maybe there is a little bit of a b.o. problem you've got there but not enough to drive me off. Yet. Oh and lose the red pumps would ya? They just don't work with your man boobs. Sorry.

Anywho- last week this computer decided to throw a pissy fit and quit working on me. I'm guessing someone ended up getting spyware or a virus on it because it also attacked Hubby's computer upstairs which is on the same network. Hubby Guy is the computer guru in this family so if it's techie and it screws up then he's the one who fixes it while I just sit back and try to look all helpless and shit. I've made the helpless routine work for seven years now so I must be doing something right.

Well with Hubby Guy working full time and getting ready for the new college semester to start, fixing ole Bessie here just wasn't a priority which it just so happens suited me just fine. Around the same time, lucky moi had one of my eye teeth pulled so I sure as hell did not feel like sitting in this hard ass chair typing while wanting to bang my head off the monitor! Four days and many painkillers later I am doing much better and I'm ready to get back to some bloggity good fun :) I have no fucking clue what "bloggity" means so I'm using my Get Out Of Explaining Stupid Words card at this time. Blame it on the Mommy Feels No Pain happy pills mmm kay? lol.

Speaking of Mommy... Happy Belated Mother's Day to all my mama blog friends. I hope you all had a wonderful day and got completely spoiled. We followed tradition here and had a dysfunctional holiday as usual. We might not be normal but dammit we're consistent! That's alright though, it just means I can hold it against Hubby Guy at a later date to make him bend to my will. *insert evil laugh and snort here*

I did get a Packers shirt out of the deal though so I'm a happy camper. Of course, no Brett Favre or Dwayne Johnson in the shirt but *le sigh* such is life. Oh well, from what I've read they'd both be stealing my pain killers anyway and then I'd have to go all ninja on their asses for it. So it's probably a good thing I just got the t-shirt.

So I'm back and it looks like I've been tagged for a few memes so I'll have to get to work on those plus I need to do an irritating paid post or two at some point. Thanks for worrying about me and missing me. I can just feel the lurve I'm tellin' ya. Not sure whose hand that is on my ass but I'm hoping it's a loving hand. hehehe


Homemom3 said...

no rush on the meme, I still have to do one from last week and was tagged for another yesterday. Hey at least you have a techie in the house. When something goes wrong we either try calling the cable company or I try fixing it myself, which I could end up making it worse. lol.

Admin said...

Well, I'm glad it was your computer that was ailing and not you, Jo. I wondered where you'd gotten to. I love your Children are a Blessing sticky.


Norm Deplume said...

"Old Bessie" eh? Maybe she quit working because you gave her a dowdy name. Maybe she'd be happier if you called her something more glamorous, like "The Lovely Veronica" or "Katherine the Great".

Anonymous said...

That's my hand on your ass, darlin. Be glad I'm not pinching it...I'm in a mood

Glad you're back!

Jo said...

HM3- That would be me too if not for HG

Lill- thanks hun, I'll take a broken computer over a fibro flare up ANY day. lol

Robin- hmmmm good point. I think I will name her Francesca. When she's behaving I'll call her Francesca the Great and when she's trying to die on me she shall be known as just Frank. LMAOOOOOOO

Em- always lookin' for a chance to grab my ass aren't ya? *laughing hard*

momof3feistykids said...

Glad you and Old Bessie are back. Happy belated Mom's Day.