Saturday, June 16, 2007

Follow Up On HPV Information

In my "Can Ya Stand One More Post?" I mentioned a commenter and asked if she could help us out with information. She has come through wonderfully on that and before I post the meme that is longggggg overdue, here is the link to some really great posts she's done as well as information from experts on HPV.

I ask that if you visit her site and read please be respectful if you comment or email her. She was kind enough to share with us and that should be appreciated not attacked. Also just because I am providing the link it also does not mean I completely agree with everything by everyone in her posts. It just means that I only think it fair to provide people with important information on both "sides" so they can make an educated and well thought out decision either way.

The Artful Flower- HPV

Thank you very much for providing me with this link to share. Those who know me know that I like to hear and share BOTH sides of anything important and while I might not agree with someone be it a doctor, "expert", or even another blogger I am still willing to listen and respect their decisions. Holding strong to one's beliefs is one thing but if we are not open-minded enough to at least hear and respect those who see things differently then in many ways we really haven't advanced much since the Dark Ages.


Julie Pippert said...

You're welcome and thanks. :)

If I hadn't been so rushed, I would have simply sent this link to the main post with links as well, in case people didn't want to read through a parade of posts.

I hope that provides even more information.

Like you, I think this is a personal decision and we ought to learn as much as we can from a variety of sources.

Anonymous said...

The HPV is also a virus called the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV like you stated in your post. It causes warts, cancer, and alot of other infections. Really a bad thing, and was what I thought you were talking about mainly on your post until I read it.