Saturday, June 02, 2007


How is everyone’s weekend going so far? I’m in the midst of a fibro flare up so I’m bitchy, achy, tired, and did I mention bitchy? lol Monkeyboy knows just the right things to say though. This is the conversation we had earlier…

Monkeyboy- "Mommy, you are very important to me".

Mom- "I am? Why am I important to you"?

Monkeyboy- "Because I love you very very much and you are the best mommy ever".

Mom- "Thank you and you are the best Monkeyboy ever".

Monkeyboy- "And you love me"?

Mom- "And I love you"

Monkeyboy- "More than Bubby and Sissy"?

Mom- (thinking about how much Bubby and Sissy have pissed me off this week) "Yep, more than Bubby and Sissy".

Monkeyboy- "BUBBYYYY SISSYYYYYY Mommy likes me best"!!

Mom- "You tell ‘em"!

Of course, my kids all know that I love them equally but it’s fun to let the youngest one gloat every once in awhile.

Have a great day. I'm off to down a few painkillers. *wink*


Anonymous said...

I hope the painkillers helped and that today is a better day Jo.

flutter said...

ooof, fibromyalgia is the worst.

SBe said...

Hope today is a better day

Anonymous said...

(((HUGS))) I hope the day is better.

Sindy said...

I hope the pain has been eased by now.

Whenever one of my kids asks why they don't get to do something that another one does my standard reply is "Because you know _______ is my favorite." LOL! They all get a turn being the most or least favorite at times.