Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some More “Damn” Memes

Really, it’s not just me being a potty mouth this time! It really has been called “Another Damn Meme” or also known as 5 Things! This time I was tagged AGAIN by Eliza and Summer plus Tam tagged me just a little while ago. Okay, instructions: Remove the blog from the top, move all blogs up one, add yourself to the bottom. Only problem is they all had lists so I’ll just post them all and I guess you can pick which one ya wanna continue with.

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What were you doing 10 years ago? (5 Things)
1- Living in a studio apartment with 2 kids.
2- Letting my ex-husband (then cheating boyfriend) convince me I was ugly.
3- Wondering how many suckass jobs I had to work just to feed my kids.
4- Beginning the very long journey of hating the oldest two kids’ sperm donors.
5- Did I mention I was HOT? I was a babe! *sobbing* I MISS IT SO MUCH. *sigh* Okay, I’m done.

What were you doing 1 year ago? (5 Things)
- One year ago at this time was a very hard and horrible time for me so you could say I was crying and mourning.
2- Hopefully you don’t mind me just stopping with one on this.

Five Snacks You Enjoy:
- Grapes (preferably red seedless)
2- Popcorn
3- Mushrooms with ranch dressing to dip them in
4- Cheese cubes
5- Cookies every once in awhile

Five Songs That You Know The Lyrics To:
Anything for Love by Meatloaf
2- Stand by Rascal Flatts
3- Walk On Water by Eddie Money
4- You Are My Sunshine (MonkeyBoy’s fave for me to sing to him)
5- Every single song off the first Skid Row album, Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood Album, and the soundtrack to Wes Craven’s “Shocker”.

Five Things You Would Do If You Were A Millionaire:
Pay off this house and then sell it to a single mom for $1
2- Travel the world for as long as we wanted
3- Buy a villa in Tuscany
4- Invest so the kids will have something if I’m not here
5- Get a few adjustments on this old chassie I call a body (if I’m going down fighting I might as well look damn good doing it!)
I didn’t include give to charity or causes because to me that’s just kind of a given.

Five Bad Habits:
Too much soda (like a 2 liter bottle a day. Seriously)
2- Obsessing over learning html and css
3- Chewing my nails
4- Procrastinating (man, I royally suck at this!)
5- Being too blunt and realistic at times

Five Things You Like To Do:
Spend time/make memories with the kids
2- Read (I’m a bibliophile and damn proud!)
3- Work on and read blogs
4- Watch movies as a family
5- Soak in the tub or at least I’d like to some day!

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:
2- Short short skirts *crying*
3- Anything neon (oh geez, I wore neon orange on my 14th birthday)
4- Half shirts/crop tops *sobbing uncontrollably
A bikini… THAT’S IT!! In the words of Jack Sparrow, “But why is the RUM gone?”. This meme has drivin’ me to drink!

Five Favorite Toys:
1- Books
2- Digital camera (aaaatttttt stay out of the gutter!)
3- The Internet (now this is sounding like a cheap porno!)
4- My Ipod Shuffle because it’s actually MINE
5- I’m telling ya, I’m going to get a
Pink Stinger if it kills somebody! (and if it does then that means it works, right?) 50,000 volts! Makes ya wanna hunt down muggers just to try it doesn't it?

Five Things You Hate To Do:
I hate crowded places (people tend to smell funny & act stupid)
2- Go to doctors all the time (9 out of 10 are horses’ asses)
3- Cooking- I do it but that doesn’t mean I wanna!
4- Deal with stupid people and I consider stupid people anyone who can't accept that maybe their way just might not be the only way there is of doing something. Doesn't mean their way is wrong, it just doesn't mean their way is definately right either. (Okay adding people that are too stupid to realize that blocking you from their site just so they can pretend to "outdo" you is really really sad.)
5- Typing- all this carpal tunnel-neuropath-fibro-ouchie crap just makes my hands hurt!

I'm tagging Angie as revenge, Rachel because I didn't get to include her in the last one (you take all the time you need mama, I know the hell typing can be), Nicky who has a brand new blog that I can't wait to follow, Lizz so you can check out all her sites, and Catherine because I'm one of those sick people that thinks it's funny to see another person want to kick their butt and she makes me laugh! LMAO. I'd tag Meg but she has my phone number and knows where I live (so I'm just doing free advertising right now). She might seem all mild mannered but I've seen the woman play Monopoly!! *snort*


Rayne said...

Is neon orange (and other colors) a blonde thing? I ask because I'm a red head and neon anything --not good, not good at all. My older daughter, on the other hand, is blonde, it's her father's fault, anyway, she is blonde and she loves neon orange and green and purple. She actually bought a hunting hoody because it was neon orange and wears it in public. She has a neon ornage purse, neon orange flip flops, etc. She looks like a walking traffic cone, sometimes.
Oh, and I totally agree with the Dr. thing. How can they go through so much college and learning and so on and come out so damn stupid and annoying? I mean, some of the doctors I have been too have been great, and the last one literally saved my life by paying attention to something that the last four docs ignored, but some of them, Wow! Total twits! And I just wrote you a book, instead of short, witty, comment, didn't I? Sorry. Off I shuffle to go bother some other poor unsuspecting blogger.

Mommy's Getaway said...

5- Every single song off the first Skid Row album, Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood Album SWEET!!!

2- Obsessing over learning html and css I have this same bad habit....

Thank you for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay I did it *lol* and I just realized you stopped at two so I did too because I was following you so now I have to go back to that and add three LOL

Cecilio Morales said...

I'm not sure I understand all this tagging stuff, but I'll play:

10 years ago? (5 Things)

1. Getting a suit at Brooks Brothers for the first time since I was 8.
2. Driving a car I actually owned for the first time.
3. Going out for lunch every Saturday with my younger son to eat Peking Duck and play variations on 20 questions.
4. BBSing.
5. Working on a family history.

1 year ago? (5 Things)

1. Enjoying my Birthday Season.
2. Bemoaning the end of Everwood.
3. Dating, dating, dating.
4. Going (temporarily) soft on religion.
5. Getting ready to fire someone (who saved me the trouble by quitting).

Five Snacks:

1. anchovies on Ritz crackers
2. home-frozen vanilla yoghurt
3. home-frozen orange juice
4. olives with almonds in them
5. a glass of red wine

Five Songs That You Know The Lyrics To:

1. La Marseillaise
2. Das Lied der Deutschen (original first verse)
3. Himno Nacional Argentino
4. The Battle Hymn of the Republic
5. The Star Spangled Banner

Five Things You Would Do If You Were A Millionaire:

1-5. Live pretty much the way I do.

Five Bad Habits:

1. Scratch crotch.
2. Procrastinate.
3. Get involved with blogs when I have other things to do (like now).
4. Hide from social life by playing Civilization.
5. Can't think of one.

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:

1. Women's underwear.
2. Wife beaters.
3. Skis.
4. Clothes with lots of clashing lines.
5. Tuxedos.

Five Favorite Toys:

1. iPod.
2. Computer (or is this 1?).
3. Car.
4. TV.
5. Alarm clock.

Five Things You Hate To Do:

1. Translate legal documents.
2. Stay out in the heat.
3. Listen to people who whine.
4. Go to the women's section of a department store.
5. Watch sports.

David said...

Meatloaf! ROFL! I haven't heard of Meatloaf in years!!! Thanks for the flashback.

Now the chorus is starting to take over my brain!

Jo said...

David- no baggin' on Meatloaf, bud. Just for that...

And I would do anythingggg for loveeee I'd run right into hell and back

*snicker* May it burn itself into your brain! bwahahahahahaha

Jo said...

Cecil- you and my hubby would get along well on the snacks and I'm so jealous on some of the other stuff. ;) Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Skid Row?! The Crue's Dr. Feelgood. Those more than make up for Meatloaf!

"I tell ya Park Avenue leads to... SKID ROW!"

Jessica said...

ok-I finally did your darned MEME on my blog. LOL
Don't you dare tag me again or I will send you the koolaid!