Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Busy Sunday

It's only a little past noon here and already I've had a full day. Unfortunately, I still have a house to try to get the heathens to help me clean so there is no rest for the wicked around here. My day so far has been about cabbage rolls, my mother in law, games, exhaustion, and a little bit of fun as well. Here's the rundown thus far...

The cabbage rolls are what the Hubby Guy is fixing for dinner (yep, Polish Italian) and while it may sound really nasty to some people, they are surprisingly very good! I don't think I would eat them if anyone else made them but Hubby's are good and even my youngest likes them if that tells you anything.

The Mother In Law is coming to dinner tonight. This might shock you but I actually like my MIL and enjoy her company. We don't agree on many things (like homeschooling) but she is respectful to me and it's never an issue. We also like some of the same books and such so I enjoy my conversations with her.

Reviews. Now these are the cool part! I recently signed up with Mother Talk to be a part of their blog tours and reviews which is one of the smartest things I've ever done. It made me feel special because they contacted me. Yep, I felt all mushy and schtuff over it. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a book geek and I love to read just about anything and everything I can get my hands on. I look over the books that publishers have asked the Mother Talk owners to have us review, let them know which ones I'm interested in, and then the blog tours and books I'm chosen for I get to do a review on. A book is sent to me to read and give my honest opinion on then I get to keep the book! As far as I'm concerned there is no losing with this. If you haven't heard of them before or want to sign up then make sure you visit their site. I am very proud to be a part of Mother Talk.

I was also contacted by email this morning to review a DVD game for a company and it just so happens that the game is based on a movie that my kids LOVE!! So this is going to be alot of fun plus it gives me another reason to make the kids play a game with me. lol.

Last but definately not least, during the BlogAThon that was held yesterday BlogsWeLuv posted 10 Questions With Jo of Life With Heathens. Go read my answers to their questions and leave a comment if you'd like. I enjoyed their questions and I'm glad I got to be a part of all their luvin'.

Well I'm afraid that's it for today. I only slept three hours last night (damn leg pain again) so I'm beyond exhausted and I still have to run into town to get an onion for Hubby Guy's recipe. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to join me for Mad Click Monday tomorrow! Mr Linky will be up so be sure to leave your name and URL so others know you're participating. I finally had the chance to visit everyone who joined last week's blog and there were actually some pretty interesting looking ads.


Julie Pippert said...

I'd give the food a try, lucky you with a nice MIL, and woo hoo on all the bloggy business.


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have a relationship with your MIL. My hubby is completely 100% estranged from his mom, so we never see her, which I think is kind of sad. She is very eccentric and incredibly loud--the loudest person I know. Before the estrangement happened (over 6 years ago now), when she would call on her 12th call on our Sunday morning, for example, (this is the honest truth), I could hear her voice clear across the room while hubs held the phone up to his ear! Anyway, things came to a head, and she has no idea even where we are living. It's sad 'cause really she is harmless, just very strange.... :-)