Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is It The Weekend Yet?

Tomorrow I have lunch with my mother in law, books to return to the library, and hopefully I will make it by a fellow homeschooler's house who has a gajillion textbooks that the public school system is getting rid of! We're not really textbook type homeschoolers but considering the books are FREE and I can pass them on to others when we're finished with them, well I don't see a reason not to get them do you?

Oh and I also just found out that I won one of the Dog Days of Summer giveaways. I won a book of Impressionists, a flower frame, and cute little pink tissues from Ron and Connie at Serious Mumbo Jumbo!! This is really cool because that book is one of the things I wanted really really badly! The kids would just break the tea cup and I couldn't stand the idea of that but this book will be MINE MINE MINE!! :) Thank you again Ron and Connie. Too cool!

AND I found out through Google that the sweet and wonderful Rayne from Crunchy Bits awarded me with a Thinking Blogger Award. She said some really sweet stuff that might have made me a little teary-eyed but I'm not telling! Thank you Rayne and if you haven't visited her site yet please do. She gets some weird googlers too but seems to know how to help them out (use a stick save the squirrels).

Anywho- I know my posts aren't very good right now but I promise that as soon as the constantly wanting to toss my cookies passes I will be back to my old self again. Hmmmm is that really a GOOD thing? lol.


David said...

Congrats on the win. That bites about the ultrasound. The father of these twins I knew growing up is a gastroenterologist if I remember right. He had like 10 kids (including 3 sets of twins[yes they are Mormons too]) you know what that means. Your doctor visit will not be cheap!

Crazed Nitwit said...

Sorry you are not feeling better. Jeez girl, you win lots of stuff! Cool!

I had fun talking to you too. I looked up and the clock said 11:30pm and I about plotzed. We can talk, can't we?


Maddy said...

How very frustrating [not having any answers]
Hope that you get some answers soon, and feel better fast.

Anonymous said...

I know how it feels when things aren't clear, hopefully your situation improves soon enough. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

oh man, wish you were feeling better!