Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank You and Info For The Gals

Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed with well wishes. I was finally able to get new painkillers to dull the pain. Currently I am working with a company that makes elephant tranquilizers and they should be getting back to me with shipment costs VERY soon. ;)

Just kidding but that is how I am feeling. Like it is going to take an elephant tranquilizer to ever give me a pain free day again. This dull ache though I can deal with so I will not complain and will be thankful to finally have something. I have an ultrasound scheduled on Friday for my gallbladder and pancreas as well as bloodwork on my liver enzymes. This should be a fun ride. Weeeeeee. Can't you tell how flipping happy I am?? Yeah, that was sarcasm. Ya'll are learning aren't you? *snort*

Anyway- A few emails I've received recently have asked me if I could help spread the word on a few things of which I am more than happy to do. Most of you will remember the whole HPV Vaccine Fuck Off deal in June. For those who are newer, please feel free to read and enjoy. ;)

As you all know we are a non-HPV vax family. It's just our current stance for our family alone. I am not against anyone who decides to get it or have their daughter get it. I'm very mellow that way- you do the best you can do for yours and I'll do the best I can do for mine. Anywho, a lady named Tracey contacted me asking if I would mind spreading the word about an HPV Test. Now this is not a vaccine. This is a test you can have performed with your yearly Pap that is made specificly to detect HPV. Obviously it won't cure you of it but you can find out early if you have it and increase your odds of not dying later on down the road from cervical cancer.

I am all for testing and I'm honestly going to make sure I ask for the HPV Test the next time I visit my "girlie doctor". All my tests have always come back all clear but I do know that the same can be said for other women and later (when it was too late) they found out differently. So as a friend I'm asking you to just visit the HPV Test site and read all their information. I also like Tracey and her crew because they don't push the Gardasil vaccine (and Tracey actually took the time to read my posts which is the way to my heart). They acknowledge it and give their information but that's it. I trust people like her alot more than I do vax pushers.

By the way, totally off topic but does anyone know how I can find out why this site is loading so slowly for some? I'm just not techie enough for stuff like that but want everyone to be able to read if they want to. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to add a little something to your post here and just say that having a pap every single year is not going to test you for HPV. That's why the HPV Test that Jo mentions is such a great tool. The reason why a regular pap test doesn't test you for HPV is because a pap test can only pick up those abnormal cell changes. As we all know, HPV is not always detectable in this way which is why the HPV DNA deals are so much better.

Honestly, I think you and Gayla just got off on the ride side of the bed the day you guys had it out with each other. I'm slowly getting to know you a little (I think) and knowing Gayla and the fact that you seem to be as open minded as you are - I think you guys could actually wind up friends. Seriously.. I'm not just saying that.

Now if you guys want to engage yourselves in some serious HPV discussion we have a forum set up for that here:

Just copy and paste that into your browswer and you should be good to go! Let me know if you have questions, k?

kellypea said...

Oh Jo, I am soooo sorry you are in pain. But it's amazing that you never lose your humor. I wish I could spread the word about the vaccine, but I currently lack female equipment below my boobs. Well, the guts, anyway. Hugs to you. Tight ones.

ps -- I'll pass it on to my sister who has three girls...

David said...

David cocks back the hammer and confirms his aim. He shoots the red feathered tranquilizer through the cable modem and get Jo right in the arm.

There, that dose ought to get you through until the elephant meds arrive in the mail!

p.s., nice idea having a test for HPV. I hope this doesn't restart the feud. People were just beginning to think my parents might be proud of my edjumacashun!

Christy said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling so crappy Jo. If I had an elephant tranquilizer I would send you one, or heck I'd rent a jumbo jet and fly you a whole bottle full!

Great information, I'm terrible at doctors visits, I only go when I'm pregnant (because I have to), I have major doctor phobia!! But I know.... it's important to go. Take Care!:)

Mommy's Getaway said...

Hey Jo, I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to do a podcast/live radio show on Gardasil. Two ladies and I researched it and discussed the tar out of it for an hour. I learned things about it that I didn't know before and I just wanted to say thanks! It is because of your posts in June about it, that we did the show. (If you want to listen to it, there is a link on my Mommy's Getaway Blog to the show)

Anonymous said...

Ang- as I told Gayla in one of my comments on here, I enjoy people who have different views than me and my only problem with her was the close-mindedness of her stance. You did a post "against" me as well BUT you were willing to listen and say "Hey, yes you do your thing and I'll do mine". THAT is what made me respect you.

I appreciate Gayla's passion for this I honestly do. That was never an issue. Heck, who knows what could happen down the road. I'm not big on grudges against anyone I wasn't married to. LMAO.

Kelly- I'm just buying my time until I can loose the baby factory so I envy you. I've had bad endometriosis for over 15 years and would like to be done with it all. Just have to wait until hubby gets vacation time and a doctor will be willing to do surgery on me (the no adrenal thing makes them weary).

T- I'm listening to it now girl and like I said in the email, you did a great job on the podcast.