Thursday, July 19, 2007

If Ya Can't Take The Heat...

Stay outta his kitchen!!!

Meet my next husband, Gordon Ramsey! I know I know, why in the hell would I want a foul mouthed mean bastard like him? I don't rightly fucking know to be honest. *snort*

If you have no clue who he is or why I said what I just did then make sure you click on his name and watch one of the videos on the Fox website and you'll get it. *wink* In case you ever wondered what my REAL husband is like just take away everything of Gordon's except the bluntness and foul-mouth and you've got my Polish Italian to the point Hubby. lol.

Damn, if only Vin had Ramsey's accent. Even swearing sounds sexy when it he does it! hehe He almost gives Sean Connery a run for his money (voice wise). Almost.

Anywho- just a fluff post. I will try to post tomorrow if they let me come home after my ultrasound. If you don't hear from me for a few days then it means they put me in the slammer aka hospital and are trying to take some more of my organs! ;) Most likely though I will be back by the afternoon and then I'll post a real post for you.

Everyone have a great Friday and if I don't talk at ya sooner... enjoy your weekend!


Crazed Nitwit said...


Please keep me updated in your health situation, I worry. I wil call you up and make you giggle like a fiend and voila! you'll be cured,
your concerned pal~Janice

Jonzie said...

Jo that is not a Scottish accent! I spent my last 4 years in Scotland and I can tell you that's a London cockney accent!
He was born in Scotland but raised in London area.
Scottish is much better tho, have a look on youtube for stuff from the stand up comedian Billy Connelly. Now, that's f..... Scottish! and will make you lough too if you can understand him!

Julie Pippert said...

Good luck, Jo. I hope you get some answers that lead to improvement in how you feel.

And as for him? He's all yours. :)

Curtis is mine. :)

Kris said...

Can't help it, I think Gordon's pretty hot. ;)

Best of luck with your test, hope you get some answers and relief without getting locked up.

Anonymous said...


I'll email you in a minute but long story short I won't know anything for another week. *sigh*

Jonz- like I said in the email THANK YOU!! So many people told me I was wrong when I said it wasn't a scots accent that I just finally gave up and figured I was wrong. Now I can do the "HAHA" dance and flip them off. :D

Yeah I know, like I need an excuse to fly the bird at people. hehe

Julie- okay it's a deal! It looks like I might have to fight Kris over him though. I have to go check out her blog now because if she's bigger than me then I'm going to pretend I have a fever and run away like a boy. :D

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you. (((HUGS)))

kellypea said...

Hey Jo. Kick butt and take names at the hospital -- on your way out after you bust free!

And I just read that Ramsay is a Scot. He totally cracks me up with that mouth.

Anonymous said...

I think he is hilarious..mind you I haven't watched him in a while but I don't suppose he has changed much.

I must admit that I am a sucker for an English/Irish/Scottish accent too...good job I am married to an English man, only trouble is he lost his accent after only being here for a year or two and now nobody will believe that he isn't a true blue ozzie.

Jo, you know I can really relate to all this health crap you are going through again, so hang in there and remember I am here if you ever need to compare notes LOL.

David said...

I love watching Hell's Kitchen! Chef Ramsey reminds me of an old boss that I was so glad to get away from. It is like a reminder of how awful it was! It makes me love where I am all the more! I also like watching others squirm.

I hope they let you "out."

Anonymous said...

It's not a cockney accent either, believe me because I'm from London. It's actually a relatively "good" English accent. I don't think he spent any of his formative years in London, the only place for a cockney accent. He's a celeb chef who swears, but it's not cockney. I don't "Adam and Eve" he would even describe it as such.


Anonymous said...

LOL, okay then this time I am wrong because I did think it's a cockney accent when other people said Scottish so thank you for clearing that up Steve. :)

I'm just going to put "accent" and be done with the damn thing! LMAO.

Donna said...

If you think Ramsay is tough on "Hell's Kitchen," you should see his British show on BBC America, where he visits struggling restauranteurs and tells them how to improve their business. He's had to tone down for us Yanks.

tripleZmom said...

There's not an UK accent that I don't find appealing, but I have to confess that Anthony Bourdain is my favorite hot chef.

Hope all goes well at the hospital.

Admin said...

I won't fight over the chef with you. I'm more of an Alton Brown fan, but only for his cooking and information. LOL. So why do you have to wait a week for results? Don't they know you have a cadre of fans who can't wait that long to know you're okay? Sheesh!

Shine On Jo,

Anonymous said...

haha. funny!

Maddy said...

He's a great chef, but he comes across as a pretty foul human being [at least in the kitchen at any rate.]


-atomik kitten said...

You can't have him. He's mine.

Christy said...

OMG, I just made a post about this guy too, lol, great minds think alike. Only I think he's scary not sexy, lol. I hope you feel better Jo, it really sucks that you have to go through all of this. ((Big Hugs))