Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Linky Love 08/26/07

I felt it was way past time to give a little "Linky Love" to those who repeatedly show it to me. I know, you're wondering when I'm going to do your MeMe aren't you? Yeah? Well when I get to it! How 'bout that huh? Yeah, take that!!

Where was I? Oh yeah, if you're not on this list it's not cuz I don't lurve ya. It's just because I haven't slept since 6am yesterday morning and my little blonde brain is thoroughly fried. If I miss ya this week I'll get you next week okay?

So here...

Untwisted Vortex- RT is constantly giving me drive by linky love and I greatly appreciate it. He's got alot of info but he also posts about who he is as well. I like that because it is easier to remember there is a human behind the typing. Thank you, RT.

I'm A Home Mom- Eliza who constantly lets people know about my giveaways and who also stayed up WAY late with me last night looking up businesses. I can honestly say it was the most fun I've had in a very long time! Next surgery I am getting a laptop, a wireless connection, and Eliza on yahoo messenger! LOL. Thank you girl, have you seen what all that searching has done now? If your mail looks anything like mine then we're in trubble! hehe

Twist & Skewer- Janice is amazing plain and simple. She tries to mother me every chance she gets but it's just not working. She's quickly becoming the big sister I never had and it's really nice to have someone else be able to give me advice for once (instead of me always doing it for my siblings). She brightens every day for me whether it's just a quick message, a phone call, or a post mentioning me. Thank you sweety, I love blogging more each day because it has brought such great people into my life.

Mischief aka David- Him and his wonderful wife, Terry, are alot of fun and I'm so glad to know them. Check out David's cool new blog theme! Swank ain't it?

Everybody Loves Coupons- Andrew is really great to know and he always puts a personal touch on his coupon posts. I like that because it's interesting and my ADD doesn't start going haywire because he tells a story with almost every post. Check out his site he just might save ya some money. ;) He also awarded me my second Nice Matters Award. Oh and he thinks like I do which is scary yet so very cooooooool!

What Floats My Boat- Angie Lee is my other long lost sister. I just know it! We're too much alike NOT to be! Angie is great and is totally blunt and honest. Just like I like 'em! hehe. I'm totally digging her new blog theme too.

EVERYONE who joins in on Mad Click Mondays plus these ladies who post about it- Karen at Mommy of 3, Jessie at I Am David's Doll, Julie at The Ravin' Picture Maven, and Nicole at Scribbles N Scraps (if you've also linked to MCM please let me know and thank you very much). I have alot of fun with that post and knowing you guys enjoy it too makes it even better. If you haven't joined yet then make sure you do tomorrow!!

Oh and if you visit Nicole's site you will see that she has made a Mad Click Monday button which I will proudly show in tomorrow's post. Thank you Nicole. I know you made it for your own use but ya said I could use it and I'm gonna! :)

Have a good night everyone. I'm sleeping tonight. Oh and there are going to be a few changes around here including MAYBE saying goodbye to one of my blogs. More to come....


Jennifer said...

I will check them out. Thanks for the referrals.

David said...

Sheesh, you weren't kidding that you have a lot of reviews to do! Good luck with all that! Thanks for the Linky Love!

Anonymous said...

U crack me up Jo. Yes, use the button, that's what I made it for. And while I haven't posted about it in awhile, (mostly cause I seem to do it almost every day these days LOL) I will tomorrow to remind my visitors again to do their Mad Clicks.

Oh, and you took nothing from me. I sorta came across you, lurked on your blog reading all the time and then one day came across that post. Thus began what I thought i'd remember to do every Monday, but well...yeah some mondays are more hectic than others. :D

I'm glad you found me though!

Anonymous said...

Aw, you keep spreading around the link love like that and people are gonna start thinking you're a softy! Thanks as always for the kind words. Now about the ADD, have you tried... ooh, look over there! Big red shiny button!!!