Friday, August 17, 2007

What Brightened My Week- Part 2

My doctor's appointment and errands took longer than I thought today but I wanted to be sure I got this up before going to bed so everyone can read it in the morning. This is my second post on things that brightened my week. To see the first 6 things that brightened my week please see yesterday's post "What Brightened My Week- Part 1".

7- My husband saying I could be the first one to crack open his new textbook for his World Religions class this fall. He knows how much I love religion (especially ancient religions) and part of the reason he took this class was so we could have more in common which I think is sweet. He also flirted with me a little which made me feel like a kid again. lol

8- Our 9 month old tuxedo cat, Orion aka ChubChub. While Chubs was a cute kitten he wasn't exactly the nicest. I think each of us bare at least one scar thanks to him. We wanted to pet him and he wanted to scratch us. I honestly couldn't stand him until about 3 months ago.

Now? He is the perfect cat and everything we wanted when we thought of getting one. In fact, the last few days he has been stuck to me like glue which is very unusual for him. It may sound morbid but it has left me wondering if he knows something I don't, you know? He usually loves Big B but he has even forsaken even him for constantly being on my lap. Can a cat be a Grim Reaper? No, really.... can it? lol

9- A Girl's Gotta Spa and their wonderful Mom: Get Glamorous contest that I won last month. I honestly never realized how much I had neglected my own wants and spoiling myself once in awhile until the prizes started showing up in the mail. The make-up that has come from Glamour, Lumiere Cosmetics (Kim, is really great), Urban Apothecary (Cheri is a doll!), and Shannon's goodies are all top notch quality and brands. Things I would never buy myself because I'd feel guilty. Just looking at them instantly made me feel pretty for the first time in a very long time. The lotions, perfumes, scrubs, masques, and hair products are to die for!

10- The message that Carmindy wrote on the picture she sent me with her book 5 Minute Face that I won with the A Girl's Gotta Spa prizes was also wonderful . She wrote "To Jo, You Are A True Beauty!" and it's a beautiful picture of her. She could have just signed it and said nothing but she took the time to say something very sweet. She's too cool.

11- Myself for finally get back a little of the self-esteem I've lost since this whole stupid cancer/MEN2a thing started. You see, almost overnight I went from a six foot tall blonde bombshell to 30lbs heavier, visibly & disgustingly scarred, and living in the body of a 90 year old. Over the past week I've finally realized that I deserve some love and pampering too. That's something that is hard for me to do. I grew up on welfare- the government cheese, standing in line for a bag of groceries for Thanksgiving, $100 school clothes vouchers, food stamps- and then became a mother at the age of 16. I have spent my whole life scraping by, taking care of everyone else, and trying to be frugal.

Anywho- this past week I have felt better about myself even while feeling scared that my soul is trying to ditch my body. I've taken time for myself in a nice long shower, reading something that has nothing to do with homeschooling, and even allowing myself to go to the store alone. I contacted companies about doing reviews for them which is not like me at all (I hate to bother people) and as of this morning I heard back from two of them who both took me up on it. This means I can actually get educational games for my kids without feeling bad for spending the money and we can enjoy more family time together. The companies get a review and my family gets a game. Great trade don't ya think?

12- My mother in law for caring about me and always asking how I'm feeling when she calls. She brightens my week when she makes my hubby smile and feel loved. Things were so strained between them for so long (not because of me or anything but family stuff) and it was awful seeing the misery that I myself knew in his eyes (cuz my family sucks). Hubs is still an ass at times but a part of him is finally at peace and I'm grateful to my MIL for giving him that.

So if you read both posts I want you to know that you have now brightened my week too. :) I know they are long but I'm glad I've posted them. I had wanted to include the names of all my friends both IRL and in the blogosphere that have brightened my week as well but when I started listing names this post more than doubled! LOL. So just know I thank you.

Have a great weekend.


Crazed Nitwit said...

Ya know what's really bizarre? I don't see my name in either of your posts? What? Just thinking about me doesn't brighten your day? Huh? well? Huh?

Suburban Correspondent said...

You read something that doesn't concern homeschooling?! Wow, that is impressive (says another homeschooling mom)!

Angie Lee said...

Yeah, Jo, I don't see my name either. *sniff*

Tuxedo cat *snort*. . . I wonder where you learned THAT one from! LMAO

Meg_L said...

Hey Girl, YOU brighten my week.

Thanks for being you, and being there. I don't think my IRL friends really appreciate what this past week was.

David said...

I am glad there have been lots of things to brighten your week.

: said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks so much for your wonderful post. I hope you are enjoying your Urban Apothecary goodies- you deserve them. You are such an inspiration... Stay strong!
Cheri, Urban Apothecary

Heather said...

Number one that brightens my week? Jo loves me! I know it because I read all of both posts. :)

Jo said...

Janice- quit yer whining! :p lol

Karen- I know it's very rare isn't it? LOL

Angie- you too, quit yer whinin' woman! You and Janice both know you ALWAYS brighten my week. The tuxedo cat thing? Yeah, this guy I met on the street told me that one. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :p

Meg- Thank you hun and there have been many times you have done the same for me. You're doing a great job and taking good care of the manchild. You are just proving to me even more what a fantastic mom you are.

David- yeah it was a nice change for once.

Cheri- I just tried them the other day and realized two things: 1- I am makeup clueless and will need help and 2- even not knowing how to do it right I still enjoyed "playing" with the cosmetics. Thank you again, they are really great.

Heather- I already emailed ya but still, it's nice to see you and know you are around. I miss AW and all you ladies alot.