Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are You Talkin' Ta Me?

*holding up my wireless keyboard all He-Man like*

"By the power of Blogger...I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRR!!"


For those who asked, I'm doing fine. I finally got meds for a wicked sinus infection I've had for about a week so today that is feeling much better and even though I don't have pernicious anemia, my doctor felt my B12 levels were low enough to warrant a shot yesterday. I've just got too many things that connect to B12 deficiency at this point to ignore it so I'm crossing my fingers that this little shot will fix a few things that are wrong with this ragged body of mine. ;)

I still don't have my ultrasound results back yet but the tech told me that all he saw was a swollen lymph node on my carotid artery so no big deal. *raising eyebrow* This thing is pushing on my artery and possibly causing mini-strokes but no one thinks it is a big deal. Niceeeeeee, no wonder most patients say screw it and ignore their health. If you try to get someone to listen to you then you're basically treated like some kind of hypochondriac!

Personally, I have way too many things I could be doing in my life instead of making up fake illnesses. Hell, I would rather pick toe jam than have one more damn health problem at this point. This is frustrating to say the least.

So that's it, I know a great big steaming pile of NottaDamn right now. Yes, it stinks but after awhile you get use to the smell trust me. *snort*

Oh yeah, I'll tell you about the trip to the fair that was but wasn't tomorrow. *eyeroll* And if there is a PBS Kids ad below this post then click the damn thing... I get money for that ya know! :p


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I am sorry to hear about your sinus infection! And I am sorry I don't stop by more often. I hope you heal up quick. I also hope that lymph node isn't serious.

Homemom3 said...

and my kids wonder why they only have blogs for yo-yos and magical things. lol.

Anonymous said...

I so cannot wait to hear about the fair that wasn't... Does it involve pig races? Or deep fried Oreos? Or did your car get a flat tire so you never made it? Oh, the suspense is killing me!!!

And yes, I clicked on your little PBS Sprouts ad that had the bald Caillou on it. So don't say I never gave ya nuthin'.

Rayne said...

Consider the damn thing clicked.
I would think they would be a bit more concerned about the whole artery thing than they are. Maybe it's no big deal because it isn't their's?

Anonymous said...

You have an interesting Blog. Great.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo, Glad to see you are feeling a little bit better, but really sorry to hear about the whole lymph node thing.

I clicked :D

Jo said...

Tam- the sinus infection is doing MUCH better thank you. I know you're busy so don't worry hun. ;)

Eliza- my oldest just does music on's the girlchild I have to worry about. lol

Andrew- No pig races, no deep fried anything, did make it, left quite soggy.

Rayne- I agree with you, I can feel the damn thing at times pushing against something in my neck and it hurts but nobody ever bothered to call me with the results. Nice. Jerks.

Nicole- hi and thanks girl. :)