Saturday, September 22, 2007

Soggy Heathens At The Fair

Last year I took the kids to our first New Mexico State Fair and we honestly had a really good time. So much so that I've been looking forward all of this year to going again. When our local homeschooling group said they were setting up a day we could all go, get in free, and have free parking... I was there!

Wednesday the weather was great so why shouldn't it be on Thursday as well? Why? Because I didn't go to the damn fair on Wednesday that's why. I went on Thursday so instead of sunny weather we got downpours and drizzling rain for four hours! *grouchy*

We had to arrive at 10am with the group in order to get in which meant looking around at booths, souvenirs, and displays for two hours before the rides opened up. The sky looked icky but my hope was just that it would be overcast but not rain. Do you want to know what happened? You do don't you?

I took MonkeyBoy to McDonald's Farm the same as last year where he had fun again but was a little miffed that instead of ice cream as a prize this year it was apple slices from McDonald's. Him being my son he asked the lady "Is the ice cream in the box too? I think you forgot the ice cream". When the girl told him that they had yummy apple slices this year he actually told her "thank you" and waited until we were at the Petting Zoo to say "Apple slices suck!". *snort* I thanked him for not saying that in front of the woman and told him I know apple slices aren't ice cream but he'd get something fun and yummy later.

After the Petting Zoo we went looking through some of the vendor stalls and MB found a giant lollipop he wanted. Usually I would tell him that no chance in hell was he getting a huge sugar infested sucker but I figured this was once a year...hell with it. How does he thank the lady once she gives him the sucker? He hands her his bag of apple slices and says "Here, they are good for you and you should have them nice lady". LMFAO I thought I was going to pee my pants when he did that! The rotten shit was determined to get rid of those apples and figured out a way to do it too!

TEN FLIPPING MINUTES before the rides were to open up it started raining. At first it was a little drizzle but which I figured was no big deal. It would quit, they'd dry off the rides, and I could let MonkeyBoy ride to his heart's content. Yeah, not happening because then it decided to downpour sending everyone for cover.

Anyway- long story short, the kids had flatbread for the first time ever, I spent $14 to get MB a generic ass Care Bear and a Spiderman, the oldest kept coming to see me for money before taking off with his friend, MB was a royal pain in the ass and wouldn't let me look at anything, my feet got soaked, and as if that wasn't enough the kids decided that since it was raining they wanted to go to the mall! OY!

Mama's legs hurt like a sumbitch to say the least. The day was still fun though because we spent it together. MB was a turd but he has a way of following up being a butt with being a doll so you can't help but forgive him. Sis was a huge help all day and did really great. I enjoyed spending time with her. Big B... well I saw him twice at the mall and one of those times was while he was walking with blood pouring out of his mouth. Yeah, fake blood capsules are really damn funny you little weenie! Of course, me being me I looked back at him walking behind me and said REALLY LOUD, "Mouth off to me again and I'll punch you twice as hard next time"! hehe The looks I got....priceless.

It was a long day to say the least but we got out of this house and spent some time together so while I wish we had a great day at the Fair, it wasn't meant to be. Of course, Friday it was all sunny and nice again. Damn weather.

I'm still recovering at this point and would you believe the rotten little heathens want to go to a Tattoo and Music Festival today??? Mom's wiped out but let's drag her fat ass all over, listen to loud music, and possibly kill her! Obviously they still think they actually GET something when I die. HAHAHA Suckers!!!

*thinking* The flyer DOES say free piercing with purchase of jewelry. Mama HAS been considering a nose piercing...hmmmm.

To Be Continued...


Anonymous said...

LOL oh I can soooo relate to this story. I've missed you so I had to stop by for a good read, laugh and say hello. HELLO ;-)
Hugs from Catherine

Crazed Nitwit said...

No nose piercing...icky. Do your eyebrow! It's way cool and hip!

Love ya babe!

Summer said...

So.... any new piercings? ;)

Anonymous said...

HAH! Awesome story, Jo. And other than the piercing fixation, I can relate somewhat. Glad you've got the attitude that even in the worst of situations, you can make the best of it just by hanging out with the kids. And man, I wonder where your little MB gets such a sassy attitude from, huh? Heh...

Anonymous said...

rain at the wrong times suck, apple slices when one is expecting ice cream sucks too. Sounded like an entertaining time nonetheless. Its good to see you are out and about. Thanks for visiting my un-updated blogs. x;)

Anonymous said...

LOL piercings make me queasy - I'm such a suck!

David said...

You better watch out and hope CPS isn't reading your blog. Trading in yummy apple slices for sugar? People get sued over such things! Ha Ha

Your blog comment page is talking to me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terry heard it too. I am not possessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My only clue is that I hit enter before I typed in my password.

Anonymous said...

See?? :)

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