Sunday, September 09, 2007

So A Blonde Walks Into Her Doctor's Office...

and two hours later leaves wishing she'd never gone in the first place. Hmmmm how do I share the news with you? I guess I just bluntly say it. Went to the endocrinologist on Friday and....

They are testing me for Celiac Disease- I'm pretty sure I don't have it.

They are testing me for Pernicious Anemia- I won't be surprised if this one comes back positive and I'm almost hoping it does because it would explain so many of my small health problems. How is this treated? B12 shots once a month for the rest of my life. Hell, they poke me for blood almost once a month so no biggie in my opinion. I will however have to keep a copy of my results with me for future doctors.

We found out that during my neck surgery they moved my carotid artery on the left side of the neck and there is a lump either on or around it which could mean one of two things; The medullary cancer has chosen where to start a new tumor or I have a Peripheral Aneurysm on my Carotid artery. New tumor means I wait because I'm not being chopped open for one damn tumor! Aneurysm means... I have no stinking clue! LOL

There is also a good chance I had a Transient Ischemic Attack at some point which wouldn't surprise me. I've been wondering when stress would start hitting my heart and without adrenal glands it's really easy to do.

The stomach problems may be Mesenteric Ischemia which I really don't care either way. If I have the anemia then that can also explain my stomach problems after I eat.

Are you ready for the REALLY good stuff? No? Why not? Well ya get it anyway! I've been having adrenaline surges lately. For someone who has only a very tiny piece of one adrenal gland left and who is on controlled steroid treatment, this should not happen. One of the few times it can happen is when a new adrenal tumor starts. That's right folks, the adrenal tumor is most likely back on that tiny little piece they left in me meaning they would have to chop me open AGAIN!!

Adrenaline surges, facial flushing, sweating, headaches, and my blood pressure was 121/94 which is quite high for me. I usually run 92/64 on most days and 94/72 on stressed days. Just fucking great.

I'm not sad, I'm pissed off because I was ready for being tired all the time due to adrenal insufficiency. I was ready for trouble with weight and such due to thyroid cancer and no thyroid. I sure as hell wasn't ready to go through this all AGAIN already!!! I also wasn't ready for all these stupid syndromes I have now. I've got more damn syndromes than a Medical Journal! It wasn't suppose to be this way and that pisses me off!!

No one said anything about chronic pain, fibromyalgia, vertigo, nerve damage, neuropathy, arms giving out suddenly, or any of this other BS. I'm 32 years old and I have the body of an 80 year old! That is so messed up!

So anyway- I have an ultrasound on my neck September 17th and the blood results should be in this week as well. I'll let you know what they are. The test I have to take for the adrenal tumors will be in next week (around the 22) because I have to pee in a jug, stick it in my fridge, and then give it to the lab people. Sounds like a blast doesn't it? LMAO.

Anyway- if you read all that I appreciate it. Tomorrow is Mad Click Monday so don't forget to join us okay?


Angie Lee said...

I have pernicious anemia, stuck it in my back pocket years ago after I got stabilized and don't think about it much until I need a shot. It's not bad, and you can give shots to yourself or have your husband do it, if he's particularly sadistic. LOL

Lovely how a certain few of us can set up the medical profession for early retirement, huh?

Kris said...

Geesh, Jo. That's a lot to deal with. I hope the tests come back the way you want them to.

Anonymous said...

Sing it, sista... Amen. I'm too damn young to feel this damn old. I've been breaking down since 19. How long has it been for you?

Meg_L said...


Hang in there.

BTW, please tell Sis that Girl didn't call because she wanted to get a project done for co-op (there's a pic in flickr) and then got picked up to go to a friend's so she wouldn't have to join us at the hospital all day tomorrow. She'll try to call on Tuesday.

momof3feistykids said...

HUGS (((Jo))) Yes, I read all that and I guess Meg's comment kind of sums it up: Shit. That is more than any person should have to cope with. You are often in my thoughts.

Andrea R said...

Blargle! Daggnabbit!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!!!!!!!

Thinking of you and sending good wishes your way. *hugs*

Jo said...

Thanks to all of you for the comments. I'm afraid yesterday it got a little worse. :( I'm more pissed off than anything though. lol.

Angie Lee- thanks for the info hun. That helps alot and if my test comes back positive I may be contacting you often sistah.

Angela- Definately much to young to feel this damn old! I didn't start falling apart until around 28 and even then it wasn't really much to complain about. All my troubles started with this damn MEN2a diagnosis. Stupid f'ing disorder!

Meg- yeah SHIT sums it up for both of us doesn't it? For you though its Boy and not you personally and I think that makes it so much worse. We can all handle having health problems ourselves but our kids? It could drive us nuts! Thanks and I'll tell Sis what you said. Hugz girl. BIG BIG Hugz.

Everyone else, again thank you for caring. It means alot to me.

Anonymous said...

Jo, we gotta get you on Oprah or something so she can fly in some crazy witch doctor from New Zealand to shake chicken bones at you or something. Heck, you've had more medical problems in just a few short years then most people have in their lifetime...

Anonymous said...

Man oh man, friend! That is a ton of stuff to deal with...I hate to hear about all this...I'll be praying that things will change around for you think chocolate therapy would help????

Anonymous said...

Damn!!! Geez, do you think the doc left anything out? :/


David said...

Ouch. That bites. What more are you hinting at in your comment? I'm not sure if I want you to have bad doctors that are wrong or good ones that can do something about it!

What the hell! You're comment page just started talking to me!!!! Is my puter on shrooms! Or did I hit some command. It was a lady's voice talking in numbers with a room of japanese women behind her talking words and numbers! Help! Is the Matrix real?

Jo said...

Andrew- mmmmmm chicken. LMAO

Jenny- mmmmm chocolate. *snort*

Jill- I actually asked her "Anything else I need to know? I don't have hemorrhoids do I? If I do I'm blaming it on my husband!". Her reply was "I didn't check there so I don't know" and I said "Well when my ass starts hurtin' I'll let ya know!". She is very serious but she giggled a little. ;)

David- lay off the drugs!! There are no voices and you don't get your own planet when you die! Seriously! ahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa

Love you guys. Thank you ALL for caring.

contemplator said...


I'm so sorry this is happening all over again. Sometimes the mentally frustrating part is when you've checked something "off the list", and forgotten about it, only to have it resurface after you'd already dealt with it. I'm so sorry.

Summer said...

(((HUGS))) If it's not one thing it's another! That is just entirely too much to have on one plate. (((HUGS)))

Admin said...

Aw Jo, not more crap for you to deal with. Like you don't have enough already. I already include you in my meditations, but I'll ramp up the amperage, okay?

Hang tough, Hugs and Shine On,

David said...

No, I don't want my own planet. Just my a universe or two for myself and Terry. You know, a kid needs room to expand!