Monday, April 08, 2013

License Lies, Black Mold, and Growing Up

I got my license renewed today and needless to say, I hate the picture. I tried so hard to have a nice picture but just meh. I look fat and tired which is depressing when I am losing weight. I'm cool with looking tired though cuz I am ALWAYS tired! Lol

We've had a lot of contractors here lately because we found black mold in the wall of our bathroom and had to have it all ripped out. All meaning two entire walls inside and out, the shower, and the tub. Talk about a disaster! To make matters worse, I don't think the contractor is doing the job right so I have a feeling this is going to go south real quick. *sigh*

Big B came over and spent the day today with Hyper Heathen today which was nice because HH misses his brother and sister when they're not here often (both have moved out to their own places). I feel bad for him and know its hard having them grow up without him. Today though Big B played video games with HH and they had fun hanging out.

Speaking of growing up, Hyper Heathen is in pre-puberty! My last baby is growing up and that is unfair as hell. Why do they do this to me? WHY do they torture me so? haha. Seriously though, if I could go back I would treasure their childhoods more and enjoy each day. With the oldest two especially I was so worried about "milestones" and stupid selfish crap that I didn't appreciate the gift I was given at the time. That's the problem though, we can't go back and we don't get a second chance. SUCKS! To make it even worse, Big B turns 20FREAKING2 later this month!

Oh and for the record, I cheated on my eye exam for my license. Lol. I get fitted for glasses tomorrow so I will have them but for today my vision stinks so I would close one eye, read some, then switch eyes. haha. I just didn't want to lose my license right before I get the glasses that correct my vision.

So there is my dirty little secret!