Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's Been One Of Those Weeks

Have you ever had a week where you just know that you have sucked as a parent? Where you kept telling yourself that you really should be doing this or that with the kids but just can’t seem to make yourself actually do it? No? You are such liar! You know you have!

This past week was my bad parent week. I can’t say it’s my only bad parent week ever but it’s one of the ones that I actually feel bad for. Unfortunately (for everyone else in my house) it happened to coincide with that time of the month when we women became even bigger raging hormonal bitches than usual. Yeah, fun fun fun.

As a bad parent I spent most of the week obsessing over this stupid blog and what I was doing with it instead of partaking in the heathens’ lives. Crap like- Was the blog design okay? Should I sign up for this writing job or that one? Was I screwing up the blog with this “sponsored post” shit? Was what I just wrote funny? Why is this blog called Life With Heathens when I never talk about the little rotters? Should I beg Damn Mud Mask Lady for advice or mark her down as an arch nemesis (just kidding Jenn)? And on and on….

As a hormonal bitch I wrecked havoc on a local glass company, the attorney general’s office, the BBB, two child support caseworkers, and two drivers that pissed me off in town. I think the kids and Hubby Guy were the only ones safe from my wrath this week! Hmmm, how could I have missed bitching at them too? I’m slipping in my old age.

Anyway- on the bad parent end I accomplished only what you see now on this site. No real writing got done for here (don't worry Kelly I am still working on the meme) or the other places I write at and at one point I had a really irritating blog directory icon on the sidebar but I couldn’t stand the creepy little eyeballs so it had to go. I also realized that I hate Alexa and their damn rating system. Download toolbar rank higher. Don't download toolbar...we laugh at you and put you with the other weiners!

On the hormonal bitch side I made the glass guy’s life hell for two straight days (they were suppose to fix a window for us and did a really shitty job then thought they were going to leave it that way! Umm no!), filed a complaint with the attorney general’s consumer protection department against glass guy, and did the same at the BBB. Word to the wise, don’t try to screw me over on a job I ask you to do for me. Even my kids know better than that!

One of the child support workers is safe from my wrath but come Monday the other one better be on a flight out of the country if she knows what is good for her. I’m tired of state child support agencies who work harder to let the deadbeats screw over their kids than they do to help collect child support!

As for the drivers in town, I’m already over it. Once I accepted that the people here are stupid and shouldn’t breathe, breed, or drive… it was all good. Yeah right! A few sarcastic remarks and middle fingers out the van window and then all was right with the world.

At least the kids and I did some homeschooling AND we actually have flowers and veggies growing in our little container garden! Might not seem like a big deal to you but considering that all of us have “black thumbs” it’s pretty damn amazing in this house! Even Hubby Guy is in shock everytime he passes the plants and sees that they are still alive. Now, if only we can make it until the things actually produce some fruit. Anybody wanna place bets?


Anonymous said...

I'm havin' one of those years...It's only April though I have some time to regain my composure!!!

Unknown said...

I hear you! We all have those weeks and anyone that says different is lying for sure!

As I sit here obsessing over my own site design this really cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

I used to have a student in a 7th grade English class who would test me occasionally by putting a strange sentence in the middle of a piece of writing just to see if I was still reading his work. I nailed him every time, because yes, I was reading his writing. Not to worry about the meme. I just enjoy your blog -- truly. The black thumb thing is hilarious!

Fratzels said...

It's nice to know we all have weeks like this - Thank goodness they don't happen every month!

Anonymous said...

I've been having a few of those weeks.

LOVE the new layout!!! And massive congrats on the container gardening. I have several black thumbs, so I applaud you even more.

Hope this coming week is much better!

Slackermommy said...

I just nominated you for a bloggers choice award!

Admin said...

I have one word for you: chocolate. Seriously, I hope next week does a 180 for you.

Jo said...

Janet- I now officially believe I'm having one of those LIVES! lol

Sindy- I'm glad I could make you laugh. Isn't the whole blog design thing a pain? OY!

Kelly- I always put odd sentences in the middle of my papers because my ADD would kick in and I'd forget what I was writing and THEN I would forget to read back over it to catch my mistakes! LMAO Thank you for the meme, it's taking so long because it has honestly made me really think.

Chrissy- I can't promise it won't happen again next month. Yep, I'm one of "those". *hehe*

Rachel- the trick is you buy those little pellet trays, soak the lil suckers in water, pop a seed in, and voila! Even we black thumbies can do it. ;)

Slacker-Mama-Stalked by Jimmy-Gal... lol, sorry couldn't help myself. I had to just make an account to find out what blogger's choice awards are! LOL. Thank you though, that means lot.

Jo said...

Lill- ya snuck in there on me! Yeah, I'm one of those can't each much chocolate or I get sick people. I know, it completely goes against the Woman Laws but that's how it is. Not sayin' I ever pass up chocolate or anything ya know? ;)