Friday, March 30, 2007

Goodness, Busy Day!

I actually have stuff to write about today! First of all, it is my turn up at TopMomma!

To vote for me (which would make me sooooo happy!) just click HERE. If you don't vote for me, I will just slide off into NotSoTopMama oblivion (enter sad music here). :) Just kidding, just vote for me because ya love me. ;)

Then, I found out that I am officially a Blogging Babe. Here is the post that Ronnie chose to Introduce Me. Feel free to leave a comment aka make me look good dammit!

Last but not least, I came across a new "blog for money" site called Blogvertise the other night. I haven't had a chance to accept any tasks yet but if you're wanting to pick up some extra money then sign up and give it a try yourself. As you can see once you click, it's not a referral link so I'm just sharing in hopes of helping more mamas. I'd also love to hear from anyone who signs up or has been with them for awhile. :)

So that's it for today. It's all about ME can't you tell? lol I've deserved it dammit so just be a good reader and do what you're told! ;) Was that too bossy? You like bossy though don't ya? Yeahhhh I knew it. *snort*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who Said Latin Was Boring?

At least it's not when you go on the internet while drinking a glass of wine looking for phrases for a tattoo and end up HERE. Latin is a fun language dammit! Just look that page! Oh and boy am I glad I found that site because now I have new ways of saying things in my everyday life. Things like...

"O! Plus! Perge! Aio! Hui! Hem!"- Which translates to "Oh! More! Go on! Yes! Ooh! Ummm!". PERFECT for the next time I get a facial done at the spa! *snicker*

"Ascendo tuum" - Which means "Up yours!" for the guy who cut me off on the I-25 interchange the other day!

How about- "Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem" which means "In the good old days, children like you were left to perish on windswept crags!" for that snotty little brat you can't stand at playgroup? Come on, ya know ya wanna!

Do you think I could make the checkout line at Albertson's shorter if I yell out "Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam" (I have a catapult. Give me all your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head!)? With my luck someone behind me would know Latin and just start laughing. Until I dropped a rock on the bitch's head that is. :)

"Estne tibi forte magna feles fulva et planissima? (Do you by chance happen to own a large, yellowish, very flat cat?)- I am soooooooooo sorry. What the hell was he doing hiding under my van anyway? Well at least now you know the coyotes didn't eat him right?

And last but not least, the next time you have dinner at the In-laws and you have no clue what the hell it is your mother-in-law just served you, know that you can now safely say "Hocine bibo aut in eum digitos insero?" (Do I drink this or stick my fingers in it?) without causing your husband to be left out of her will. Unless she happens to frequent the same Latin site, and in that case you're just plain "Raptus regaliter" aka royally screwed.

Have fun with your new fun phases dears and if you find one that you find especially funny please share with a comment. Meanwhile, I'll be over here getting another glass of wine and deciding what phrases to teach the children next week.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

100 Useless Facts About Moi

1. I'm 33, my body feels 83, and my spirit wants 23 back.

2. I’m 6’ tall and hate it! Do you know how hard it is to find tall men who don’t want to date short women? Ugh!

3. My husband and I have been together 8 years as of May 6th.

4. I have three children ages 17, 13, and 5.

5. This is my third marriage. My first one was at 16 years old because we were pushed into it, my second was at 24 years old and just a bad match, and then this one. Sometimes you have to go through the crappy ones to get to the good one.

6. I’m embarrassed that I’ve been married three times.

7. I am pro-choice and no that doesn't mean pro-abortion. Abortion hurts pro-choicer's hearts too but so does the thought of women being treated like cattle and told what they can and can't do with their bodies. We've already seen what that leads to. I'm also for/pro-troops but that doesn't mean I'm for this shitty Iraq war.

8. My oldest two children and I have a rare genetic disorder called MEN2a (Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia type 2a). Basically it's a gene screw up that causes endocrine cancers.

9. I've only known I had it for three and a half years now which is why we didn't catch one of the cancers in time.

10. I feel guilty that my oldest two kids inherited MEN2a from me even though I didn’t know about it before they were born.

11. I'm a two time cancer survivor but I will always live with/or die from one of the cancers because it is metastatic.

12. My oldest two kids also had medullary thyroid cancer but it was removed (along with their thyroids) in March of 2005. They are forever through with that cancer.

13. I hate my mother better known as "the egg donor".

14. I have no clue who my father is. Another reason I hate my mother.

15. I wish I could lose 30lbs.

16. I bite my nails and have since I was a child. It's a nervous habit that has never gone away.

17. I'm addicted to warm "fuzzy" socks in the winter. Chenille are my favorites.

18. I love to go barefoot or wear sandals.

19. I have Adult ADD. Another thing I found out late in life.

20. I have three siblings that I know of, there could be more, and I only talk to my sister who I’ve only known less than 10 years.

21. I gave birth to all three of my kids without painkillers and I’m proud of it! The first time I didn’t get to choose, the second kid came too fast to choose, and the third I decided “Why not!” and just did without.

22. I almost died giving birth to my daughter/second child due to the placenta getting stuck and hemorrhaging.

23. I blame her father for everything bad in that pregnancy and dislike him even now. I don't obsess about it though or even waste a second most days thinking about it.

24. My first husband is a deadbeat loser who owes me over $20,000 in child support. He does everything he can to get out of paying even though he knows his son has medical needs.

25. I wholly believe the Child Support System in this country is set up to help the deadbeats and not the children.

26. I’m a non-Christian.

27. If I had to say I was something it would be Atheist with Buddhist leanings. I know, it only makes sense to me.

28. I homeschool all three of my kids by their choice.

29. I'm left-handed (big shock I know).

30. For awhile I blogged for money but now I like doing reviews for companies more.

31. My husband and I “met” on AOL in a chatroom.

32. I couldn’t stand him because he typed like an illiterate redneck. lol.

33. I honestly am a natural blonde. Do you think I would dye my hair dishwater blonde?? Ew

34. My dream place to live is Tuscany.

35. I love being a mother and my kids are my truly world.

36. I’ve learned from my husband that relationships are hard so you have to fight for them.

37. He’s also taught me that people can change if you just give them time and love.

38. I hate housework. It’s evil! Unfortunately it doesn't take care of itself so I still have to do it.

39. I had the great joy of getting to breastfeed all three of my kids.

40. I've written for DotMoms, TheWholeMom, Our Family Village, and reviews for Parent Bloggers Network, MotherTalk, and MomCentral (as well as for companies) but I've been slow the last few months due to illness.

41. When I am writing I like to do product reviews and write articles for parenting sites the most.

42. I’m an abuse survivor from my childhood and young adulthood.

43. I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain. I’ve been in pain for three years straight now.

44. I know more than most doctors about MEN2a. That’s not a brag just fact.

45. My neck has a huge U-shaped scar on it from my second surgery.

46. This makes me feel hideously ugly and sad when people stare.

47. My husband lies and says I’m still beautiful which makes me love him even more.

48. As of November 2007 the cancer is back in my neck, under my jawline, under both armpits, in my right breast, and in both lungs which bites.

49. The only TV show I really care about watching is CSI:Las Vegas and that's because all my kids also like watching it. It's fun to sit and try to solve the cases early with them.

50. I’m a stay at home mom because I am on Social Security Disability. Considering I have metastatic cancer, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, nerve damage, vertigo, and about 40 million other things I've pretty much been deemed unemployable. It's a cut to the ego but I understand why it must be this way. Believe me, it's NOT because of the money! My work experience was primarily bartending and waitressing so I lived off of tips.

51. My husband doesn’t get the love and appreciation he deserves from me and the kids.

52. I’ve been addicted to soda for 32 years. My mother put Milk & Pepsi in my bottle as a child.

53. I’m afraid of dying before my kids become adults.

54. The reason I’m afraid is because I worry that they will forget me and the lil one won’t remember me.

55. I have already set up plans to be cremated when I die and have even bought a memorial urn for each of the children to keep some of my ashes in. Actually, they got to pick them out.

56. I think being buried is creepy and gross. Dead or not, I don’t want bugs eating me!

57. I don't really have a favorite food. There are several that I like but all in all, food really doesn't appeal to me.

58. I got my driver's license when I was 19 years old AND six months pregnant with my daughter.

59. Just the sight of Sweet Potatoes makes me violently ill. Bad childhood memory.

60. I am vehemently against the War in Iraq but I support the troops and respect them.

61. I can say “nuclear” correctly which is more than I can say for the President. ;)

62. People think I’m intelligent but I think I’m not.

63. I’ve had a low self-esteem my whole life in big part due to abuse.

64. My husband says I worry too much about everyone else and not enough about myself.

65. I think I’m a selfish person.

66. I have a hard time forgiving people who have hurt me or my kids.

67. Oddly, I don’t have a favorite color. Liking Blue is as close as I get.

68. I can’t stand people who drive slowly in the passing lane. The left lane is for PASSING PEOPLE!!!!

69. I want to go to college for my degree majoring in Forensic Science and minoring in Philosophy.

70. I have very strong opinions about the bad things organized religion does to society.

71. I keep those opinions to myself because I hate overbearing preachy people and would hate to be one. I also believe everyone should be allowed to believe what they want without someone telling them that it's wrong.

72. My youngest son watches wayyyyyyy too much Animal Planet but I let him because he loves it.

73. I don’t know how to whistle. Seriously, I can't whistle at all.

74. Hyperparathyroidism has ruined my teeth so I hate to smile.

75. My nationality/ancestry is “Mutt”. I have no clue what all I am.

76. I know I’m funny and love to make people laugh.

77. I’ve never been out of the continental U.S. but I would love to.

78. I love my husband for caring enough and working hard to give us a home.

79. When my oldest two kids were little I moved them way too much for really stupid reasons.

80. Being a single mom sucks! Especially if you have no job skills. Single parents don't get half the recognition they deserve.

81. I use to be addicted to the Internet and spent most of my time on it.

82. It took me four years to break that addiction.

83. I don’t make a very good Tooth Fairy. I fall asleep and forget then I have to make up stupid excuses so the kids don't find out the truth.

84. I would love to live in an environmentally friendly commune away from our crappy society.

85. I’m either too lazy, too sick, or lacking energy to exercise yet I still complain about my weight.

86. My oldest son is turning into a fantastic man and that makes me both proud and sad.

87. I admire and love the stubbornness in my daughter. I hope she grows up to be the strong woman that I never was.

88. My youngest son has taught us all how to laugh and enjoy life again. He's one of the funnest people I know.

89. My Buddha and Quan Yin statues bring me a sense of peace that nothing else (material) is able to.

90. I cry at the end of “Armageddon” (with Bruce Willis and Liv Taylor) every single time I watch it!!

91. I want to grow a garden but I have a black thumb and can’t grow anything. We keep trying container gardening though and hope to succeed eventually.

92. I want to learn the Mulan style of Tai Chi so I can relax and also dance with fire fingers and fans.

93. I want to learn how to bellydance.

94. I can’t do a cartwheel. Never could even as a child.







Thursday, March 08, 2007

Birthdays, Banning, and Blah Blah Blah

I will begin with my birthday first..of course. :) You see, yesterday I turned 29 (for the fourth year in a row according to my kids) years old. Okay so I'm really 32 but my kids are smart enough to not remind me. lol.

Anyway- my birthday became important to me three years ago because of my cancer diagnosis. When the doctor gave me the news some of the first things that went through my head were (besides the obvious ones about my kids)- Am I going to even make it to Christmas? Am I going to see my 30th birthday? I had waited so long to finally turn 30 and in an instant I thought it was being taken from me along with everything I held dear.

Luckily we found out that I would definately make it to my 30th (although I'm afraid my adrenal glands weren't there to celebrate) and hopefully many more. Every year that I celebrate another birthday is another year I'm alive to make memories with my husband and children. I no longer care about what I do or don't get, who remembers (except the hubby better!), or what we do. I am just glad to be here on this day each year. Hopefully I have many more birthdays to celebrate and many more memories to make.

For my birthday the hubby got me a bouquet of a dozen roses with a dozen daisies intersparsed into it, a "Happy Birthday" banner hung up in the living room, cake, a card, and my own pet. The pet was one of those FurReal Friends Newborn Kittens. LOL. You see, we adopted a kitten from the animal shelter in early January and truth be known... I hate that stupid thing! The whole reason for getting a cat was suppose to be to help me relax more which in turn would supposedly help with my pain some. All I can say is HA!! So Vin got me a cat that doesn't make noise, move, scratch, crap, or ruin anything in my house. It's the perfect gift if you ask me! :)

The kids gave me a card that was definately perfect for me, Big B wrote me a really sweet letter, Sis made me a hand sewn felt pillow (her very first), and MonkeyBoy snuggled with me last night. It was great! I also didn't hear from any moronic exes, my mother, any siblings, or people I can't stand. The day was damn near perfect!

The "Banning" part of the title of this post is because...I am hereby banning all cream, whole milk, and ice cream from my "diet" in order to avoid THIS!! For those of you who are hoping for such things... LET THE BRAIN FREEZES BEGIN! ;) Does sherbet count as ice cream? What about frozen yogurt? That can't count can it?!

As for the "Blah Blah Blah"... it means nothing exciting going on here. It has taken me all day to write this post leaving me frustrated and even more determined to teach the kids to type so they can post for me! *snicker* HEY! I HAVE TO GET MY MONEY'S WORTH OUT OF THEM SOMEHOW DON'T I??

Everyone enjoy a big piece of cake (or anything chocolate for that matter) and help me celebrate another year that ALL of us have made it on this cess pool we call a planet.

Okay so only the parts inhabited by fundies, suicide bombers, gangsters, and George Bush are a cess pool. The rest of the planet isn't half bad I suppose. *grin* I couldn't help myself what can I say?

Friday, March 02, 2007

*Cough Cough* *GAG*

And I thought my living room was dusty! I do believe I'm going to need industrial strength cleaners for this blog. ;) As soon as you are done falling over from shock I'll continue my post.



Oh come on already! Put your butt back in that chair! Sheeesh.

So here I am after three months of not blogging. For some of that time I honestly have a really good excuse but there's about a month there that I'm just going to have to admit I've been lazy as hell. I'm sorry I haven't been posting and it means alot to see that people still visit this blog. I'm also sorry to the people who had just become regulars when I suddenly stopped. I know how much it sucks to find a blog you like just to see it never get another post or just disappear. I suck, what can I say?

My excuse for at least part of the time is that I was sick for two months straight. *grumble* Ugh. I'm still achy everyday and no longer able to spend much time online but I definately want to get back to blogging as much as I can. I miss my bloggie friends. *heart*

We did however get to have company at the end of January in the form of my friend Meg, her daughter, and their exchange student Tochter (not her real name). The kids enjoyed all the board games that were played and it was really nice meeting and getting to know Tochter. Meg also made me a very pretty leather bowl as a thank you gift.

The new house~ a pain in the bahookey to say the least.

The kids~ doing fine. They hate it here because it's 15 minutes from town and 30 minutes from the city which means we don't get out much anymore. Big B still attends a Teen Group with some friends but outside of that he says he doesn't care about friends right now.

Sis made a few public school friends but then the little jerks ditched her after making fun of her (supposedly my 90lb daughter is fat and has a big nose which if that is true then mine must be a royal honker!). *eyeroll* Of course, her homeschool friends who were kind of mean to her as well ditched her after we moved too.

MonkeyBoy could care less to be honest. He is one of those kids who can play alone or in a group and is happy either way. He has been on me to start taking him down to our duck pond though so I'm going to have to get my big butt moving here soon. lol.

Other than that its been a pretty run of the mill life. I put up a new post on our MEN2a blog that covers the health side of things. The doctor's office called yesterday to tell me that my CT Scan is scheduled for March 12th so wish me luck! The results of that will affect alot of things for me and I promise I will update when I find out the results. ;)

So there you go, a very boring post I'm afraid and definately not worth waiting three months for. I'll try to think of something fun and blogworthy to post in a few days okay?