Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Can I "Hack" It?

My my, it looks like Bill Gates will be getting a new hacker employee in a few years. Meanwhile, I wonder what Mom is going to do to Dad's blog. Hmmmm. If it were my hubby and I, we would write embarrassing things on each other's blogs and then wait for the other one to log on and the fun to begin! Yes, we're sick like that! HA!

Anyway- speaking of hacking it (you didn't think the cartoon was it did you?) I have been a very busy girl the last few days. It all started this weekend when my wonderful blogsister, Eliza, and I were talking about reviews we had coming up. It is important to both of us to see our review blogs succeed so while we were talking and nervously asking each other if we should just email some companies, I remembered something my husband always says...

"The worst they can say is NO"

That's right, the worst they CAN say is "no". It doesn't get any worse than that so why not give it a try? Eliza and I spent the rest of the evening and into the early morning searching for email addresses, deciding how to word our emails, laughing with each other, passing on links that didn't work for us but worked for the other one, and just having a ton of fun!

Eliza- thank you again, I'm so glad to get to know you better and I AM sending that chicken soup and chocolate, woman! ;)

I'll be honest and say I expected mostly "no" from these companies so my hope was if I sent out 20 emails I would get at least 2 "yes" emails back. Ummmm yeah, didn't work out that way at all! I sent out 20 emails and got about 18 "yes" emails back!! It has been a wild few days but so much fun and I have finally found my niche. It feels good to find where I belong in the blogworld whether that makes sense to others or not. I've never been a "mommyblogger" because I've never fit in with most of them and I don't write much about my kids. I'm a "mom blogger" in the aspect that I'm a mother who blogs but that's where it ends.

So that left me floating wondering if I even had a purpose with blogging. Do I keep being funny, run 5 or 6 blogs because I can't organize all my thoughts on one, and burn out too quickly? Do I find out what I'm suppose to do, probably lose a few readers, and have a little fun in my life that not only makes me feel better and gives me a chance to pretend I'm not sick all the time but it also gives me more time with my kids?

I chose the second one and don't regret it a bit. I will be doing only a few reviews here on LWH and sponsored/paid posts are probably going to be slim to none. I'm not making actual money doing reviews right now but I don't care, I'm meeting some of the most amazing small business owners and enjoying that so much. Yes, I'm happy. Not happy as a mom. Not happy as a wife. Happy as a woman who has found something that is just her's yet doesn't leave out the people she loves most.

The best part? My health keeps me from working a "real" job which leaves me watching my poor husband work and wear himself thin while I can do nothing about it. Now, this is going places and it's going to help my family so much without quite bluntly.... literally killing me.

So far this week I have become a Product Reviewer (is there a fancy name for it?), a Homeschooling Consultant (one of the PR people from a company asked for MY advice! It rocked!!), and in the new future I will be helping a company with a game of their's in the prototype phase. Just unreal!

That is why I've been missing and why I'll probably be missing quite alot. I'll still post in between reviews here but I fully expect all of you to read my reviews over at Sona Creidhe Reviews too. If things go well there may even be a LWH Reviews soon. Right now I'm sticking to educational games and toys that you can learn from and have a ball with. Christmas is coming and these companies (most) are small businesses, so support the little guy if you see something you like in my reviews. Definately leave me comments as well.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Linky Love 08/26/07

I felt it was way past time to give a little "Linky Love" to those who repeatedly show it to me. I know, you're wondering when I'm going to do your MeMe aren't you? Yeah? Well when I get to it! How 'bout that huh? Yeah, take that!!

Where was I? Oh yeah, if you're not on this list it's not cuz I don't lurve ya. It's just because I haven't slept since 6am yesterday morning and my little blonde brain is thoroughly fried. If I miss ya this week I'll get you next week okay?

So here...

Untwisted Vortex- RT is constantly giving me drive by linky love and I greatly appreciate it. He's got alot of info but he also posts about who he is as well. I like that because it is easier to remember there is a human behind the typing. Thank you, RT.

I'm A Home Mom- Eliza who constantly lets people know about my giveaways and who also stayed up WAY late with me last night looking up businesses. I can honestly say it was the most fun I've had in a very long time! Next surgery I am getting a laptop, a wireless connection, and Eliza on yahoo messenger! LOL. Thank you girl, have you seen what all that searching has done now? If your mail looks anything like mine then we're in trubble! hehe

Twist & Skewer- Janice is amazing plain and simple. She tries to mother me every chance she gets but it's just not working. She's quickly becoming the big sister I never had and it's really nice to have someone else be able to give me advice for once (instead of me always doing it for my siblings). She brightens every day for me whether it's just a quick message, a phone call, or a post mentioning me. Thank you sweety, I love blogging more each day because it has brought such great people into my life.

Mischief aka David- Him and his wonderful wife, Terry, are alot of fun and I'm so glad to know them. Check out David's cool new blog theme! Swank ain't it?

Everybody Loves Coupons- Andrew is really great to know and he always puts a personal touch on his coupon posts. I like that because it's interesting and my ADD doesn't start going haywire because he tells a story with almost every post. Check out his site he just might save ya some money. ;) He also awarded me my second Nice Matters Award. Oh and he thinks like I do which is scary yet so very cooooooool!

What Floats My Boat- Angie Lee is my other long lost sister. I just know it! We're too much alike NOT to be! Angie is great and is totally blunt and honest. Just like I like 'em! hehe. I'm totally digging her new blog theme too.

EVERYONE who joins in on Mad Click Mondays plus these ladies who post about it- Karen at Mommy of 3, Jessie at I Am David's Doll, Julie at The Ravin' Picture Maven, and Nicole at Scribbles N Scraps (if you've also linked to MCM please let me know and thank you very much). I have alot of fun with that post and knowing you guys enjoy it too makes it even better. If you haven't joined yet then make sure you do tomorrow!!

Oh and if you visit Nicole's site you will see that she has made a Mad Click Monday button which I will proudly show in tomorrow's post. Thank you Nicole. I know you made it for your own use but ya said I could use it and I'm gonna! :)

Have a good night everyone. I'm sleeping tonight. Oh and there are going to be a few changes around here including MAYBE saying goodbye to one of my blogs. More to come....

Friday, August 17, 2007

What Brightened My Week- Part 2

My doctor's appointment and errands took longer than I thought today but I wanted to be sure I got this up before going to bed so everyone can read it in the morning. This is my second post on things that brightened my week. To see the first 6 things that brightened my week please see yesterday's post "What Brightened My Week- Part 1".

7- My husband saying I could be the first one to crack open his new textbook for his World Religions class this fall. He knows how much I love religion (especially ancient religions) and part of the reason he took this class was so we could have more in common which I think is sweet. He also flirted with me a little which made me feel like a kid again. lol

8- Our 9 month old tuxedo cat, Orion aka ChubChub. While Chubs was a cute kitten he wasn't exactly the nicest. I think each of us bare at least one scar thanks to him. We wanted to pet him and he wanted to scratch us. I honestly couldn't stand him until about 3 months ago.

Now? He is the perfect cat and everything we wanted when we thought of getting one. In fact, the last few days he has been stuck to me like glue which is very unusual for him. It may sound morbid but it has left me wondering if he knows something I don't, you know? He usually loves Big B but he has even forsaken even him for constantly being on my lap. Can a cat be a Grim Reaper? No, really.... can it? lol

9- A Girl's Gotta Spa and their wonderful Mom: Get Glamorous contest that I won last month. I honestly never realized how much I had neglected my own wants and spoiling myself once in awhile until the prizes started showing up in the mail. The make-up that has come from Glamour, Lumiere Cosmetics (Kim, is really great), Urban Apothecary (Cheri is a doll!), and Shannon's goodies are all top notch quality and brands. Things I would never buy myself because I'd feel guilty. Just looking at them instantly made me feel pretty for the first time in a very long time. The lotions, perfumes, scrubs, masques, and hair products are to die for!

10- The message that Carmindy wrote on the picture she sent me with her book 5 Minute Face that I won with the A Girl's Gotta Spa prizes was also wonderful . She wrote "To Jo, You Are A True Beauty!" and it's a beautiful picture of her. She could have just signed it and said nothing but she took the time to say something very sweet. She's too cool.

11- Myself for finally get back a little of the self-esteem I've lost since this whole stupid cancer/MEN2a thing started. You see, almost overnight I went from a six foot tall blonde bombshell to 30lbs heavier, visibly & disgustingly scarred, and living in the body of a 90 year old. Over the past week I've finally realized that I deserve some love and pampering too. That's something that is hard for me to do. I grew up on welfare- the government cheese, standing in line for a bag of groceries for Thanksgiving, $100 school clothes vouchers, food stamps- and then became a mother at the age of 16. I have spent my whole life scraping by, taking care of everyone else, and trying to be frugal.

Anywho- this past week I have felt better about myself even while feeling scared that my soul is trying to ditch my body. I've taken time for myself in a nice long shower, reading something that has nothing to do with homeschooling, and even allowing myself to go to the store alone. I contacted companies about doing reviews for them which is not like me at all (I hate to bother people) and as of this morning I heard back from two of them who both took me up on it. This means I can actually get educational games for my kids without feeling bad for spending the money and we can enjoy more family time together. The companies get a review and my family gets a game. Great trade don't ya think?

12- My mother in law for caring about me and always asking how I'm feeling when she calls. She brightens my week when she makes my hubby smile and feel loved. Things were so strained between them for so long (not because of me or anything but family stuff) and it was awful seeing the misery that I myself knew in his eyes (cuz my family sucks). Hubs is still an ass at times but a part of him is finally at peace and I'm grateful to my MIL for giving him that.

So if you read both posts I want you to know that you have now brightened my week too. :) I know they are long but I'm glad I've posted them. I had wanted to include the names of all my friends both IRL and in the blogosphere that have brightened my week as well but when I started listing names this post more than doubled! LOL. So just know I thank you.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

What Brightened My Week- Part 1

Grab some caffiene because this is going to be a long post! So long in fact that I've had to break it down into two posts and I'm going to have to do the other half tomorrow after my doctor's appointment. If you actually read the whole thing then I think I love you. LOL. If you don't read it all... I don't like to read boring crap either so I don't blame you. haha. This post is just a personal post of me sharing something good for once. I know I've whined alot over the last few months about being sick and I apologize. I know that's not why you come here to read and I appreciate you sticking around anyway. This time though I want you to see the good things that have gone on just this past week alone.

What Brightened My Week- Part 1;

1- Andrew from Everbody Loves Coupons: Last night I forgot my usual little insert that lets people know a post I've written is sponsored and because of that combined with me not blogging or commenting much, Andrew was worried about me. So he sent me a message asking if everything was alright and was I okay? As far as he could have been concerned I'm just some foul-mouthed chic who snorts too much but he actually cared enough to check on me. People like him are the kind I love getting to know because they have real blogs and really seem to care about others. It's such a fun part of blogging. Thank you Andrew, you honestly made my night. I'm sorry I worried you. :)

2- Jennifer from The Life of a School Bus Driver awarded me with my second Schmooze Award. She said about me "She is a walking schmooze and an inspiration to so so many. Go read about her and feel better being you". Thank you Jennnifer, knowing you think so highly of me truly brightened my week.

3- Mischievous David gave me an award this time and you gotta hand it to a guy who's not afraid to put a fufu pink award in his sidebar. David awarded me with the Nice Matters Award. He said "How could I not include my benefactor?! Thanks to Jo for the contest where I won my soon to be revealed new template! Actually, Jo is more than a contest! She is a lot of fun to read. I enjoy exchanging e-mails in the background with her as well". Thank you David not just for the award but for your wonderful stories, encouraging emails, and allowing me to be even a small part of your and Terry's life. You are both very amazing people and I'm proud to know you.

4- My wonderful children for being so patient with me while I'm dealing with this vertigo stuff and trying to get work done online with my eyes constantly freakin' crossing! They even cooked dinner last night so I wouldn't have to. I've got three really great kids- a fantastic 16yo son who is becoming such a wonderful man, an almost 13yo daughter (my only girl) who is becoming a beautiful woman literally faster than I can keep up and is like her mama in pretty much every way (except she's a little hottie!), and a 4 1/2yo amazing little boy who constantly turns all of our lives upside down. He knows more about dinosaurs than anyone I have ever met, loves to learn with such passion that it almost makes me want to cry, and is probably the biggest smartass in this whole house! lol

5- While it's hard for me to keep up with all the memes I get tagged for (people seem to like me for some reason. Have you not read this blog?! ;) ) I do want everyone to know it makes me feel good knowing I'm one of the people you think of to tag. I owe people several MeMes right now. The ones I know of are: another round of 8 Things that Sara of Mother Anarchy and Nikki from The Guilty Parent tagged me for, the Seven P's Of Me that Christy tagged me for, the Ten Things I Like About Myself that the fabulous Madame M tagged me on, and the 4 Things About Me that Andrew got me on. I must say, the one Andrew tagged me on is one I've been able to avoid for almost a year now. Rotten man!

6- Everyday has more fun thanks to the Jurassic Park game that Brighter Minds Media sent me to review. Monkey Boy loves dinosaurs and the first Jurassic Park movie so I was really excited to get a game in that theme but when it said ages 6 and up I figured we'd just let him watch us play it so I could review it and then make up a game with it so he could play. That is so very far from what happened! That kid is just so amazing. Let me put it this way, I played against him last night and the turd not only won but kicked my butt so hard it is still sore! He didn't miss a single answer and left me eating his dust (and I didn't even LET him win!). It's fun looking forward to the joy on his face everyday when we play it. Thank you Brighter Minds Media.

And that would be half of what I wanted to say. Yeah, that's six which means there is another six coming tomorrow. What can I say? It's been a good week.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Nature Always Finds A Way"

I think that is one of my favorite Jurassic Park quotes. Well that and "God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs... Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth...". Priceless!! lol.

Recently my family and I were given the opportunity to play with and give our opinion on the new Jurassic Park Explorer DVD game from Brighter Minds Media, LLC and I can honestly say it was one of the funnest games we've played in a very long time!

This game is coming out mid-August (any day now) and is a dinosaur and Jurassic Park lover's dream come true! Jurassic Park Exploror DVD game is designed for players aged 6 and up with a choice of up to four teams or individuals playing it. Each player or team can choose from three levels of difficulty, in what sequence they want to take their turns, and as a whole you can choose to play a long or short game.

The idea of the game is that you are on the island of Isla Sorna where the Jurassic theme park is located. Your job is to try to help the scientists there collect DNA to bring the dinosaurs back to life. There are seven different sections/games that you have to answer questions or complete games of skill on.

The best part? The game is on a DVD that you watch and you use your remote control to give your answers. The graphics on this DVD are awesome! No matter what level you play there is always something new and exciting to see.

The way the game works is you have a board, a die, four game pieces, and 25 dinosaur cards. You set up your difficulty level, number of players, and length of game on the DVD then the first person rolls the die. Each player takes a turn rolling the die, moving their game piece, and whatever area they land on that is where they must do their challenge. For each correct answer you get you are given a dinosaur card. The first person with five or seven cards (depending on the game length you choose) is the winner.

I would say that their age range is pretty appropriate and at first I was worried that my 4 1/2 year old would be broken hearted because he couldn't play. All I can say is if you have a little dinosaur fanatic like I do that is younger than six then give them a chance to play too. My youngest son is obsessed with dinosaurs and made us all eat crow when he played. To be honest, he kicked our butts three out of five times one night and we weren't even letting him win!! The kid knew the name of every single dinosaur and there were some pretty hard ones.

Our favorite parts were the Screening Room where you had to basically stare at the scene so you didn't miss anything, the Bone Dig where you uncover fossil bones, and the Plains where we tried to beat each other to name the dino in the fog first. The hardest area for all of us was the Chasm because if you don't jump just right... well, you want to make sure you jump right trust me.

I have already recommended this game to several people because it really is a great game for those who like dinosaurs. The only worry I have about the game is that the DVD is going to give out on us from playing so much. As I said, my 4 1/2 year old is obsessed and there isn't a night that goes by that he isn't begging to play the game.

So please check out not only the Jurassic Park Explorer DVD Game but also the tons of other games on Brighter Minds. They have been a favorite of our family for awhile now which made this even more fun.

*The only thing even remotely close to compensation that I received for this review was being allowed to keep the game. I think I made out pretty good!*

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dammit and YAY!!

Okay the "YAY" stuff first because the "Dammit" stuff just pisses me off. I wanted to show recognition and love to some people who have given me awards lately. Talk about good for the ego! All these awards are gonna make me feel like a supahstah and shiz. lol.

My lovely friend Janice has given me an award and her reasons why I deserve it. All I can say is that I'm very humbled AND I'm so very behind on giving out awards now. lol. Thank you Janice. You are a great friend and our phone calls always brighten my day no matter how I'm feeling. That means alot to me.

I'm sure many of you have seen the little "Blue Ribbon Blogger" award from the Blog Fairy on people's blogs right? Well I'll be honest and say anytime I've seen that award I've thought to myself "Well I want one tooooo!". It just speaks to the spoiled little brat side of me that wants what the other kids have I guess. LMAO. Well, it seems I have finally impressed the Blog Fairy because two days ago I received this message "Congratulations! You have touched people with your writing. You are a blue-ribbon blogger! "

Ain't that just the coolest? I admitted to the Blog Fairy that I squealed like a little kid when I read that. Yes, I'm sad like that. No, I'm not a weiner. Yes, I'm smiling like an idiot. So what? I'm allowed dammit! :p lol

Here is my wonderful award from the Blog Fairy...

Now, on to the "Dammit" part of my post. *sigh* Today MonkeyBoy decided to get the juice out of the fridge himself instead of waiting for Mommy or Sissy to get it for him. Of course, he ended up dumping the whole thing inside the fridge and under it as well. This meant that lucky me got to pull the fridge out so we could mop under it and avoid an ant invasion tomorrow morning. So I pulled the fridge out little by little, we cleaned up under it, and by then my oldest was home so he moved it back for me.

Wouldn't you just fucking know that when I had moved the damn thing out it caught on the tile/linoleum/whatever the shit is and now there is a hole right in the middle of my bloody kitchen floor! Great. Just great!

Hubby Guy is out of town this weekend which means I get the "joy" of telling him when he gets back and listening to his bullshit and ranting for days afterwards. *sigh* Shit just can't go right can it? Bugger bugger bugger.

Oh well, other than that we had a pretty good day. The floor isn't a huge deal, I just hate having to argue with Hubby Guy over yet another broken thing you know? MonkeyBoy and I did have fun playing a game that Brighter Minds sent me to review. I can't wait to share my thoughts on it with you because it really is a GREAT game!!

I will have my other blogs up to date this coming week and no more falling behind! Thank you to everyone for still reading throughout my whininess the last few posts. I think I'm done whining now and can go back to just being bitchy. hehe.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Proud Mommy Moment

My oldest son, Big B, started a music related MySpace profile a few months ago at my urging to "do something that interests you". He worked hard on it, contacted bands, and even did his own weekly Top 40 Songs list. It was nice seeing him actually put some time and effort into something.

Last month he started an actual blog where he could post his music list, have an artist of the week, add song samples, display new bands, and hopefully do some interviews with various signed and unsigned musicians. When he was ready to start contacting different bands about the interviews I helped him word the email and we sent it off to one of his favorite new singers.

As the days passed it was sad to see his disappointment in not hearing back from them but that all ended this morning when in his inbox sat an email from the agent telling him to send the questions and they would be given to the artist. :)

My boy is officially a music reporter and interviewer! Heck, I've never even had an email interview with someone famous so he's already got me there. lol. I'm very proud of all the effort he has put in to things and I really hope this turns out being alot of fun for him. It's so nice to see that little kid excitement in his eyes even at Sixteen.

So that's all, just some mommy bragging since I don't talk much about my heathens on here and said I would start.

Might I also brag that I am on day three of no soda and only just today the migraines are starting. I don't know how long I can hold out considering that there is more Wild Cherry Pepsi in my veins than blood but at least I'm giving it a try. It's either that or make my stomach feel even worse. So wish me luck. I know I'll break down and buy some eventually but I'm determined to at least cut back. ;)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Go Look!!

Before I run off to bed I just wanted to tell you guys to head over to our homeschooling blog- Sona Creidhe Homeschooling- and tell me what you think of my very first book review for Mother Talk. I'm very excited to be a part of Mother Talk and this is probably one of my new favorite things I enjoy about blogging. I love to read, I horde books like I own a library, and now I get to right reviews on books. It gets no better I tell you.

I didn't make it to my doctor's appointment yesterday because I've recently been hit by a horrid case of nausea at different times of the day (definately not morning chance at all) and yesterday it was joined by such awful vertigo-like dizziness that my eyes were actually crossing! I had to laugh because you know that shit has got to look funny! My oldest darling son helped me to the couch though and then sat to talk with me for two hours while I couldn't move. My kids are so great and so easy to love. *sigh*

Thanks to this nausea/dizzy crap I had to let Onorach and Sona Creidhe Reviews fall by the way side this week. Nice way to start new blogs I know but if I have to choose, LWH is my baby and it comes first on the blog list. :) I'm going to work hard on both blogs this weekend so that doesn't happen again anytime soon so stay tuned to them.

Besides all the stupid crap in the last two paragraphs it has actually been a pretty good week. I have started receiving alot of the stuff I won from the A Girl's Gotta Spa's "Mom: Get Glamorous" contest. I plan on doing a full post solely about all the great stuff I won by the weekend. You can find the list of great products included in the prize package here. Talk about feeling like a queen!

Goodnight my friends and thank you for all you do and all you are. I for one greatly appreciate you.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Little MeMe Catch-Up

aka Jo is being a lazy ass today. :) I'm way behind on things like giving awards and doing memes that people have tagged me for so I figured today I would do a meme or two and whatever else I feel like doing? Why? Because I don't feel like using my brain today! I'm pukey and grumpy so fuck brilliant posting! LMAO. Okay here ya go...

Tuesday Twosome is one of those simple yet interesting memes you come across every once in awhile that actually tells others about you. Is it stuff you care to know about me? I don't know but this is MY blog dammit so you're stuck with it! HA!

You can find Tuesday Twosome hosted every week on their site so if you ever feel like giving it a go they are easy to find. Here is this week's "twos" and the theme is 'Had to get away...'

Two places you go to for relaxation (spa, beach, etc.): Does hiding in the closet count? No? Damn. Well I guess that leaves walking to the park and reading on the couch. I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to relax or where to go if someone smacked me in the head with an idea.

Two activities you do to relax: Read books and write. Shocking I know. You would have never guessed that huh? *snort*

Two people who are able to calm you when you are stressed-out: My best friend Carrie (she refuses to get a blog damn her!) and my kids believe it or not.

Two songs that always make you feel better: Stand by Rascal Flatts and Anything For Love by Meatloaf.

Two people/pets that you miss the most when you go on vacation/holiday: Ummmm I've never been on vacation/holiday. Pathetic I know. Part of the reason I haven't though is because I would miss my kids too much. As for pets, I'm just not a "pets" kinda gal.

Okay what else? Janice at Twist & Skewer tagged me almost a month ago for her Don't You Just Hate It When.... meme so I want to make sure I get it done before she calls and threatens me again. You should hear her, she's a fiery little bitch! HAHAHA! She knows I adore her.

Here are about as close to rules as Janice got... "Don't you just hate it when...? This can include short term annoyances to major smoke comes out of your head rants. That will be up to you".

DYJHIW... You just get into doing some really good writing and feel like you are accomplishing something and suddenly hear "Mommyyyyyy wipe my bummyyyyy"?

DYJHIW... You are a severe soda addict, you live 20 minutes outside of town, and you run out of Wild Cherry Pepsi? Even if I didn't hate it my family considers it Hell on Earth?

DYJHIW... You have worked for 16 years to make sure your oldest son feels comfortable coming to talk to you about sex and you actually succeed? Yeah, being open was a GREAT idea. I never expected to be the parent sticking their fingers in their ears and chanting "Lalalalalala".

DYJHIW... You reach the bitchy crabby stage in your life where you realize your "ideal man" is gay, has great interior design taste, would love nothing more than to stare at the pool boy with you, and just wants to use you as a cover story? Yeah, I don't hate that either. AHAHA!!

DYJHIW... Some damn woman tags you for a meme when she knows you hate the things? lol.

DYJHIW... Your husband calls you constantly and you know he does it because it's one of the few ways he knows how to show he loves you but you're just not a "oh honey I'm insecure so call me 10 times a day I insist" kinda gal? I love you but quit calling all the time dammit! Call your mom more often or call my sister. That way I don't have to!

Well that's all ya get for today. I'm tired, cranky, achy, and I've got a game to review so I am going to go play with the kids. Make sure you check over at our homeschooling blog- Sona Creidhe- tomorrow for my very first book review for MotherTalk. I'm excited to have joined them. So much so that I'm signed up for about 5 more book reviews from now until January!! *using my best Renee Zellwigger in Jerry McQuire voice* They had me at "keep the book". They had me at "keep the book". hehe

By the way- NONE of your asses sent me a question for Dear Onny today!! What the hell do I pay you people for??!! Oh... yeah... about that bounced check. ;)