Friday, June 29, 2007

Stop The World I Wanna Get Off!!!

I had planned on handing out awards and maybe even tossing in a joke or two in tonight's post but to be honest I'm more on the verge of tears than I am laughter right now.

It seems that I have even more health problems to add to the list. Best case it's a bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine (that has stuck around for over a year now). Worst case... well cancer will most definately be the least of my problems. It's odd to hear someone say that isn't it? Lucky me, for the next three weeks I'm on a bland diet and it sucks knowing that proteins and the "good" fats make me sick as a dog (malabsorption issues). So much for eating chicken anymore. Dammit. They say one word about my Wild Cherry Pepsi though and I'm going to have to go Amazon on their asses!

Nobody ever wants to be a drain on the one they love. I know I sure as hell didn't. This wasn't the life I had planned on. This sure as hell isn't the body I thought I would have and I hate being trapped in it. Most of all though I hate knowing that I'm not what my spouse wanted to end up with and that he's most likely only here because he's afraid that without him (and thus without health insurance and a job) I would die and he would have to raise my kids.

I'll be in a better mood in the morning. Every night this week (but Wednesday) I've had a bout with this mystery illness and its just wearing on me. I'm just tired of being sick and tired. ;) This is my five minute version of a pity party. *sigh* Okay, over it! *snort*

In the meantime, I have opened access to the Onorach- Tact Is For Sissies and Sona Creidhe Reviews blogs so if you'd like to have a look around then feel free. Not much there yet but you can get a general idea of how each will go. The SCR blog will be nice and information but as for Onorach... if you thought I was a mouthy bitch here, oh honey you ain't seen nothing yet!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will try to hand out some awards tomorrow.

As Venomous Kate says... "Bite Me". You know you want to say it too!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Upcoming Attractions

Most important thing first- As you can see I have a new "MEN2a Awareness" ribbon on the right hand corner of all my blogs. If you would like to help me spread the world about MEN2a and the cancers it causes then please send me an email and I'll be happy to send you the code for it. If you have no clue what I'm talking about then please read our MEN2a blog to find out more about my family. Also feel free to ask me any questions at any time. Most people are afraid to ask questions because they worry that it's rude but I enjoy sharing with others and encourage the questions.

So what do you think of the new look? I'm very proud of myself because it has all been a game of trial and error for me. I by no means have any clue when it comes to CSS, XML, or HTML...totally blonde about all three. I do know the fantastic method of "Ohhh what happens when I do this?" and what you see is the end product. :) I actually am learning quite a bit though and highly recommend everyone learning a little of each. If anyone knows how to get the damn expandable menus to quit staying open I would be grateful if you could teach me.

Here are a few updates on various projects. I'll let everyone know when things are up and running...

-The name of our medical blog "Our Life With MEN2a" has been changed to "Cancer Is The "Easy" Part". It's definately not that I think cancer is easy but so far I think it may be the easiest part of my problems. The cancer is just sitting there behaving, it's the rest of my body that's going to shit!

-I've been working on my "Onorach- Tact Is For Sissies" blog (currently still closed) which is where I hope to eventually do all sponsored posts, product reviews, author interviews, and website reviews as well as just all out blunt honesty about whatever I decide to blather on about! My hope is to eventually talk more here at LWH about the kids and family life .

-Some have noticed that I've started a mirror homeschooling blog on Blogger of our Sona Creidhe Homeschooling on HomeschoolJournal.Net (Ron and Andrea are awesome hosts by the way!). Right now I'm still playing around with it and deciding which blog to keep but be sure to check both out when you get a chance and tell me which one you like more! No matter what, I will still be homeschooling the youngest child next year so we're still going to need a blog. *wink*

-To go with the spiffy new HSing blog, I'm working on a homeschool/education related review blog called Sona Creidhe Reviews that I hope to launch soon. I know, not a very imaginative name for it but it's what I've got right now.

I'm off to my doctor's appointment so wish me luck. It was suppose to just be a follow-up but due to some recent problems I'm having I just hope I don't end up on another damn pill! I already take eight different pills sometimes two and three times a day so that is more than enough to have to choke down! Damn horse pills! Blech!

Monday, June 25, 2007

And The Awards Go To...


How was everyone's weekend? Mine was honestly too long and shitty. I spent the weekend with insomnia and sick which seems to be becoming the norm for me again. I have a feeling that bloodwork and testing are coming in my very near future. *eyeroll* I also woke up at 8:30am on Saturday morning and didn't sleep again until 11:30pm last night!! Twenty-seven hours without sleep will make you pretty loopy and I also found out that it will bring on one bitch of a fibro flare up!!

Anyway- I have received a few "awards" lately and I thought I would share them with you as well as introduce you to the ladies who gave them to me. I always enjoy knowing that I'm making other people laugh and smile so to me every award is special.

About a week ago, Christy over at Christy's Coffee Break awarded me with the "Thinking Blogger" award. She said that I have a great blog and a great spirit. Thank you for such nice words, Christy, and I am proud to display the award. I will try to give one to others very soon.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

On Saturday, Angie over at What Floats My Boat awarded me her very first ever Rose of Friendship (Hey Ang, make an official name for this. lol). She wrote a very sweet post to go along with why she gave it to me so make sure you read it. I feel very lucky to be getting to know so many wonderful people and especially people like Angie who I seem to have alot in common with. I'm also going to put alot of thought into who this award is given to next.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Late last night Mad Goat Lady awarded me with a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award. She said some very nice things about me as well and I just want to tell all three ladies thank you for thinking I'm worth giving awards to.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I can't wait to pass all of these awards on to others and boy is it going to be hard to choose! By the way, if you haven't joined MyBlogLog yet I highly recommend that you do now. I have gotten to know some really great new people that I don't think I would have "met" otherwise due to how huge the blogosphere is. Thanks to MyBlogLog though it has become alot easier! I have gotten so many comments, visits, and emails from other bloggers since joining there. Trying to keep up with everybody is alot of fun. Besides, if either one of us have joined the other's community on there then it's very hard for me to lose their link! haha

Well I'm off to try to sleep tonight. Sunday night I actually slept for about 8 hours and I'd really like to try to repeat that again right now! Wish me luck and have a great week friends!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our Nature Sounds Clock= Nervous Breakdown

*This isn't a sponsored post but how life really is in my house! LOL*

Recently my husband bought one of these things which I thought sounded like a cool idea at first. I figured we would listen to a nice thunderstorm as we drifted off to sleep or maybe some gentle wind chimes. WRONG ANSWER! What we got instead was the following...

Frogs- These slimy little bastards do nothing but croak, burp, and splash around nonstop driving you completely fucking bonkers!! Who in the hell finds frogs croaking a comforting sound? I mean, sure if you had to grow up in the bayou or country where they never shut up then you have two choices- get use to them or go insane. After awhile I'm sure you don't even notice they are there but for the rest of us this is not a comforting nature sound! Personally it made me want to hunt down a bunch of their sorry asses and fry them up out of pure spite. This earned Hubby Guy a one-eyed sleepy glare.

Ocean Waves With Seagulls- So you're listening to these relaxing ocean waves that are gently rocking you to sleep and just as you are about to drift off... this obnoxious fucking "SQUAWK" comes out of nowhere and suddenly you feel like you're surrounded by seagulls!! Your first instinct is to hide under the bed so as not to get hit by incoming birdie bombs but then you realize that it's just a "nature sound". Your second instinct is to get some Alka Seltzer and start throwing it up in the air and watch the little sons of bitches explode. *hehe*

Instead you climb over your sleeping husband (who could sleep through a nuclear holocaust by the way) as you curse loudly with "Stupid fucking nature sounds my ass. I'm turning this crap off!" and then pound your pillow as you grumble some more.

I'm honestly starting to think that the person that made this thing was a very sick lonely little man who is probably laughing his ass off right now at the thought of all the other sorry bastards who now have insomnia with him. Either that or the maker of this clock and Tylenol PM are in cahoots.

Jungle Birds- Again with the damn squawking birds but this time it's not just one kind but many different kinds. A whole menagerie of the filthy buzzards! A person is supposed to sleep through this shit?? Maybe TARZAN would sleep like a baby but anyone who wasn't raised in a rain forest might find themselves ready for a rubber room after about 5 minutes of this bullshit! I enjoy what little bit of sanity I have left so I climbed over Mt Snores-A-Lot after less than that and seriously thought about hiding the stupid clock. This earned Hubby Guy a two-eyed wide awake glare and the pulling of three back hairs.

Chimes- So this one starts out and I'm thinking "this isn't too bad". In fact, it would be great for meditating. I start to relax and love the fact that there is at least one sound on this piece of shit machine that I can listen to and maybe sleep through. No stinking birds or frogs just nice slow soft metal chimes.

Three minutes later the tempo picks up and whoever was working the chimes has started beating the things. Okay, starting to grate on my last nerve but I can handle this. A few more minutes and I'm getting a headache from the sound of someone beating the hell out of a metal trash can!! "ENOUGH!" I yell at the hubby as I climb over him one more time. This has earned Hubby Guy an "accidental" knee to the gut as I reach for the off button. Damn, I was aiming for his balls.

To the person who did this sound- you need some serious therapy that involves beating PILLOWS man. Truly. You are one seriously fucked up asshole!

At this point Hubby Guy is upset because once upon a time in a galaxy far far away I had mentioned in passing that I might like something like this too. "Yes", I say but I was expecting rain, monks chanting "OM", bamboo chimes, and calming sounds not Jungle Boogie and did I mention it also has an annoying blue light that lights up the entire damn room?

As I stare up at the ceiling I can't help but think "hey this looks like one of those cheesy ass peep show rooms in this light" and immediately start trying to make my shadow bunny dance like Dita Von Teese. I realize that without a hella huge champagne glass it just isn't the same and pull a few more back hairs off Grumpy instead. His answering "Ow dammit Jo, that fucking hurts!" puts a faint grin on my face as a reward.

There are two things I absolutely can not sleep through- noise and light and this damn thing has both! Finally I lay my head back down on the pillow in our now quite room just enjoying the lack of noise and complete silence.

That is until I hear.....


Followed by "Snore one more time and I will punch you in your gddamn nose!"

Silence. Sweet scared hubby guy shitlessly awake silence.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some More “Damn” Memes

Really, it’s not just me being a potty mouth this time! It really has been called “Another Damn Meme” or also known as 5 Things! This time I was tagged AGAIN by Eliza and Summer plus Tam tagged me just a little while ago. Okay, instructions: Remove the blog from the top, move all blogs up one, add yourself to the bottom. Only problem is they all had lists so I’ll just post them all and I guess you can pick which one ya wanna continue with.

Absolutely Bananas, CrunchyCarpets , BabyTalkers, Wired For Noise, Life With Heathens

The Middling Monettes, Families Are Like Fudge, Special K Family, HomeMom3, Life With Heathens

Daisy Bones, sleepless in cologne, Spaghetti Harvest, The Mommy's Getaway Blog, Life With Heathens

What were you doing 10 years ago? (5 Things)
1- Living in a studio apartment with 2 kids.
2- Letting my ex-husband (then cheating boyfriend) convince me I was ugly.
3- Wondering how many suckass jobs I had to work just to feed my kids.
4- Beginning the very long journey of hating the oldest two kids’ sperm donors.
5- Did I mention I was HOT? I was a babe! *sobbing* I MISS IT SO MUCH. *sigh* Okay, I’m done.

What were you doing 1 year ago? (5 Things)
- One year ago at this time was a very hard and horrible time for me so you could say I was crying and mourning.
2- Hopefully you don’t mind me just stopping with one on this.

Five Snacks You Enjoy:
- Grapes (preferably red seedless)
2- Popcorn
3- Mushrooms with ranch dressing to dip them in
4- Cheese cubes
5- Cookies every once in awhile

Five Songs That You Know The Lyrics To:
Anything for Love by Meatloaf
2- Stand by Rascal Flatts
3- Walk On Water by Eddie Money
4- You Are My Sunshine (MonkeyBoy’s fave for me to sing to him)
5- Every single song off the first Skid Row album, Motley Crue’s Dr. Feelgood Album, and the soundtrack to Wes Craven’s “Shocker”.

Five Things You Would Do If You Were A Millionaire:
Pay off this house and then sell it to a single mom for $1
2- Travel the world for as long as we wanted
3- Buy a villa in Tuscany
4- Invest so the kids will have something if I’m not here
5- Get a few adjustments on this old chassie I call a body (if I’m going down fighting I might as well look damn good doing it!)
I didn’t include give to charity or causes because to me that’s just kind of a given.

Five Bad Habits:
Too much soda (like a 2 liter bottle a day. Seriously)
2- Obsessing over learning html and css
3- Chewing my nails
4- Procrastinating (man, I royally suck at this!)
5- Being too blunt and realistic at times

Five Things You Like To Do:
Spend time/make memories with the kids
2- Read (I’m a bibliophile and damn proud!)
3- Work on and read blogs
4- Watch movies as a family
5- Soak in the tub or at least I’d like to some day!

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:
2- Short short skirts *crying*
3- Anything neon (oh geez, I wore neon orange on my 14th birthday)
4- Half shirts/crop tops *sobbing uncontrollably
A bikini… THAT’S IT!! In the words of Jack Sparrow, “But why is the RUM gone?”. This meme has drivin’ me to drink!

Five Favorite Toys:
1- Books
2- Digital camera (aaaatttttt stay out of the gutter!)
3- The Internet (now this is sounding like a cheap porno!)
4- My Ipod Shuffle because it’s actually MINE
5- I’m telling ya, I’m going to get a
Pink Stinger if it kills somebody! (and if it does then that means it works, right?) 50,000 volts! Makes ya wanna hunt down muggers just to try it doesn't it?

Five Things You Hate To Do:
I hate crowded places (people tend to smell funny & act stupid)
2- Go to doctors all the time (9 out of 10 are horses’ asses)
3- Cooking- I do it but that doesn’t mean I wanna!
4- Deal with stupid people and I consider stupid people anyone who can't accept that maybe their way just might not be the only way there is of doing something. Doesn't mean their way is wrong, it just doesn't mean their way is definately right either. (Okay adding people that are too stupid to realize that blocking you from their site just so they can pretend to "outdo" you is really really sad.)
5- Typing- all this carpal tunnel-neuropath-fibro-ouchie crap just makes my hands hurt!

I'm tagging Angie as revenge, Rachel because I didn't get to include her in the last one (you take all the time you need mama, I know the hell typing can be), Nicky who has a brand new blog that I can't wait to follow, Lizz so you can check out all her sites, and Catherine because I'm one of those sick people that thinks it's funny to see another person want to kick their butt and she makes me laugh! LMAO. I'd tag Meg but she has my phone number and knows where I live (so I'm just doing free advertising right now). She might seem all mild mannered but I've seen the woman play Monopoly!! *snort*

Saturday, June 16, 2007

8 Random Facts MeMe

Let this be a lesson to anyone else who puts off doing a meme once they've been tagged! I have now been tagged five times for this one meme! LOL. It means ya'll lurve me though so I'm not complainin' a bit. The only thing I dislike about memes is having to think. *snort* So here you go Eliza, Angie, Theresa (who tagged me on my homeschool blog), Sarah, and Summer. One meme down and only two more to go. OY!

Here we go...The rules to play: Players start with 8 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

1- I want to go on a diet but I’m having a hard time because I don’t know what diet a person who has no adrenal glands, no thyroid, fibromyalgia, nerve damage, and evilly low blood pressure should be on.

2- I am deathly afraid of riding on roads that are on the sides of mountains and if there is no guardrail it’s horrible. I can’t drive on one at all. I literally freeze up, hyperventilate, and feel like I’m going to blackout even if I just get into the driver’s seat on a mountain. When I’m riding as a passenger the fear is so strong that I start to cry uncontrollably. lol

3- I am also afraid of heights which most people find funny since I am 6’ tall. Honestly, I think it’s kind of funny too… as long as I’m not high up. ;)

4- I have horrible insomnia and have since I was 14 years old. Sleep aids don’t work for me and believe me, the doctors have tried in hopes that sleeping would relieve some of the fibro pain. I can sleep and function easily on three hours of sleep per night.

5- I got my driver’s license at 19 years old when I was 6 months pregnant with my second child. My mother wouldn’t allow me to get my license at 16yo because I was 8 months pregnant with my first child at the time. I’ve been driving for 13 years now and not one single speeding ticket or accident... that was my fault (people seem to like to run into me and have 3 times so far. Thank goodness for car insurance!).

6- I use to be that tall skinny blonde in the short shorts and crop tops with the smokin’ belly that everyone hates. I miss her very much. Don’t miss the short shorts though….. OY talk about a wedgie!!!

7- Believe it or not I use to be easily intimidated and never said what I thought. My husband fixed that though because he is a very in your face and so blunt it hurts type of person so I came out of my shell real quick! I'm thankful though and hope that others will see me speaking my mind and feel that they can too. It feels good...go ahead, try it!

8- I love to study world religions, philosophy, and the law. I'm sure most wouldn't know that about me by my blog but this is just where I let it all hang out. I think the mixture of all three is what makes me so open-minded and hungry for information. I've told friends before that I'm a knowledge ho. LMAO

All very boring I know but I actually did put some thought into them and now you can blackmail me one day if you want. How? Well, you could take all my books, burn my library card, while driving me up a mountain, and making me talk to a fanatic! ;)

Now to tag some people. I'm going to tag a few people whose blogs I've discovered thanks to comments here on my blog and a few old friends too. Welcome to the neighborhood folks! hehe

David (this guy cracks me up!!)

Robin (fantastic lady!)

Jessica (she's muh Knocked Up Mormon Pudding Pop...long

LiveToLearnMom (I know her name I just drew a blank for some reason. I suck. Sorry)

and anyone else who would like to consider themselves tagged. Just make sure you let me know you've done this so I can come get to know you better. :)

Follow Up On HPV Information

In my "Can Ya Stand One More Post?" I mentioned a commenter and asked if she could help us out with information. She has come through wonderfully on that and before I post the meme that is longggggg overdue, here is the link to some really great posts she's done as well as information from experts on HPV.

I ask that if you visit her site and read please be respectful if you comment or email her. She was kind enough to share with us and that should be appreciated not attacked. Also just because I am providing the link it also does not mean I completely agree with everything by everyone in her posts. It just means that I only think it fair to provide people with important information on both "sides" so they can make an educated and well thought out decision either way.

The Artful Flower- HPV

Thank you very much for providing me with this link to share. Those who know me know that I like to hear and share BOTH sides of anything important and while I might not agree with someone be it a doctor, "expert", or even another blogger I am still willing to listen and respect their decisions. Holding strong to one's beliefs is one thing but if we are not open-minded enough to at least hear and respect those who see things differently then in many ways we really haven't advanced much since the Dark Ages.

My Very First Cease & Desist Email!!!

This isn't even a good Cease & Desist email but it's mine, she thinks I've earned it, and dammit I'm going to show it off! Dontcha wish your blog had one? It's sad what people will do when they can't bow other people.

I've removed her last name just to be nice. Since she posts it all over the internet and even on her own website I could post it but really, I am like le bored with this. Sending Cease & Desist letters for really no reason at all is when things become beyond childish.

What is it with people who want to cram things down your throat getting mad when you refuse to chew?? Had I just backed down and shook my head like a good girl I could have avoided this. Thank goodness I didn't do something stupid like that!!!! As far as I was concerned we were done yesterday. Oh well. *le sigh*

from Gayla _____ <>
to Jocoiner AT gmail DOT com (changed for spam reasons)
date Jun 16, 2007 6:10 AM

Cease and Desist

Dear Ms. Coiner ~
This is an order to cease and desist immediately. Legal and binding.

At no time in my posts did I ever link to you, insult you by name.

I have been informed by a couple of your readers (copies of your posts were emailed to me for my files as well as screenshots of the posts) that you are using my name and my website names on your blog.

Please be advised that if my name and my sites are not removed immediately I will take legal action. And if you believe this can't be done, do a search on blog comments lawsuits.

It's one thing to keep a pissing match in the comments where I link to my sites myself, but it's another for you to insult me by name within your posts and to do so repeatedly.

Please be so kind as to remove them at once or I will take legal action up to contacting the affiliates on your link with a formal complaint.

Believe me, I can and I will.

Gayla _______ (
again I'm being nice but it's not like she doesn't advertise her last name herself)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Can Ya Stand One More Post?

*Unfortunately the comment I speak of below was eaten by Blogger which I apologize for because it is suppose to be with the previous post. So that is why if you are trying to figure out who the commentor is, you're not able to find the comment. UGH.*

Don't worry, I'm not going off on a rant again. lol. After I posted earlier and the anger settled down I was left feeling somewhat badly. Not for anything I said to Ms. *she wants me to take her name off my site because you know, it's not like you can find it on her's or anything* personally because to be completely blunt and honest I still think she's *not a very nice person*, people like her make me sick, and there is nothing for me to apologize her.

I do owe anyone with HPV or any form of cancer an apology though. It's my blog so I can say whatever the hell I want, true. I don't HAVE to apologize to anyone, that's the great thing about having a personal blog. I am apologizing because instead of just making my point on some things in my post I ended up coming across as one lady who commented was nice enough to point out, like I was "engaging in a pissing contest about cancer" and that was never my intentions. *The commenter emailed me and told me that she had meant the OTHER person not me. I always just instantly think I'M the one in trouble! lol*

I also will say that I haven't researched HPV enough to be considered even a novice in it much less an expert. The above commenter also stated that she has done alot of research and HPV is not exclusively sexually transmitted. When I searched the FDA site though it said "HPV (human papillomavirus) is a sexually transmitted virus. It is passed on through genital contact (such as vaginal and anal sex). It is also passed on by skin-to-skin contact". Stated the way they have it comes across to me that skin to skin contact would mean things like oral sex, anal sex, fondling, or "dry humping" as it has been put. Are there other ways? Anyone (BUT Ms. because I'm tired of her ass) that knows please feel free to educate me. I would greatly appreciate it. It won't change my mind on the vaccine but I never have a problem learning more about something.

The NIAID states "You can get them during oral, vaginal, or anal sex with an infected partner. You can also get them by skin-to-skin contact during vaginal, anal, or (rarely) oral sex with someone who is infected" which covers pretty much what I thought above.

WomensHealth.Gov,, and the CDC say the same thing but the CDC does state "Rarely, a pregnant woman can pass HPV to her baby during vaginal delivery" so there is at least one instance where it is not sexually transmitted. I just can not find any others is the problem. The only other thing I found was a site stating that the HPV that forms warts on other parts of the body is not transferrable by touching them.

I have only posted the links to sites because these are the places people turn to when searching for information on HPV not to go against what my commenter said or start another "cat fight". I would honestly greatly appreciate it if my commenter would come back and share some links or written references with us so we can all learn. If what she said is true then there is alot to this story and people need access to it.

Anyway- I apologize to anyone who felt I was trying to have a pissing contest over cancer. That was never my intention. My intention was to tell someone else that cancer affects everyone in different ways and no one cancer is more important or less important. I only posted the comments about my own health because I am the person whom I know about the most and not for a pity party or "my life is worse than yours" type crap. Those that know me know I would never do that.

As far as I'm concerned the pissing contest part of this all is over with. Ms. *yeah, same stupid crap here too. We having fun yet?* lost any chance of me respecting her views when she said she doesn't do cat fights and then not only reposted a comment of her's from this site onto her site so she could get the last word but also made sure to do another post letting us non-HPV vaxing mothers know how stupid we are. She even went so far as to mock a commenter here that I am very fond of. At least I'm honest about when I'm intentionally causing shit and when I'm not.

All I know is I might be a bitch, obnoxious, rude, and anything else people might think but I would never think so highly of myself as to ASSume my thoughts or way on ANYTHING was the ONLY way and Dr. Ruth can stick that in one of her books!. ;)

Silly Me, Thyroid Cancer Is Nothing

If you read my last post you will know that I'm not to fond of Ms. *edited so she'll shut up* (she also runs *edited so she'll shut up* in case anyone thinks I didn't know). We have different opinions on the HPV vaccine which I don't have a problem with. Belitting those of us who have decided it's not for our daughters is another thing. Even in the comments section on her blog she seems to think I'm stupid and do not realize that she's still telling us that there will come a day when we will have to come up with "pathetic lame excuses" to give our daughters about why they didn't get the vax. I may not be the most articulate writer when it comes to my blog but I am definately not stupid and very good at reading between the lines.

To the point though. In the comments on her post she took it upon herself to basically inform me that thyroid cancer is pretty much no big deal. I mean, after all we have a 96% survival rate. ALL of us. Can you believe that? Why we're second only to prostate cancer so no more bitching from you guys with prostate cancer! It's not as important as cervical cancer don't ya know.

*insert HUGE fucking eyeroll here*

I'll just do a clip for you from her. Feel free to read the entire comment at her site.

"And NO thyroid cancer and cervical cancer are two very different cancers and one is not as invasive as the other. There is a big difference between a cancer that is genetic and one that is sexually transmitted. Survival rate of thyroid cancer is 96%. The second highest survival rate only behind prostate cancer. The overall (all stages combined) survival rate for cervical cancer is about 72%"

So see, thyroid cancer is nothing compared to cervical cancer! Yeah, well I'll print my comment in it's entirety.

"The only thing I will comment on is the fact that the survival rate for thyroid cancer is broken down by stages so NO it’s not just a 96% survival rate just like survival rate for cervical cancer is NOT just 72%. MY survival rate is 16% right now thank you very much (inserting to say I should have said statistically). I’d much rather have cervical cancer because at least then I’d be able to fight it. I’d have a chance at remission. I’d have some control even if I ended up losing the fight at least it wouldn’t be while spending my life wondering where they are going to cut me next.

I have metastatic MEDULLARY thyroid cancer. Do your research. I don’t get the option of chemo or radiation. Instead I get to be cut open like a Thanksgiving turkey anytime a tumor shows up. Do I get to live for awhile? We don’t know. If it doesn’t go to my bones then I could live a good 20 years or so. If it hits my bones I’ll have about 4 years.

Thank you for trying to diminish the threat to myself and other thyroid cancer survivors though. That is GREATLY appreciated. I’ll make sure I tell my friend at Thyca that it’s no big deal because we have a 96% survival rate and are beating the crap out of cervical cancer.

Metastatic cervical cancer IS preventable with awareness and being active in your own healthcare.

Metastatic thyroid cancer is preventable by doing the same things. The only difference is something might have shown up on your yearly exam. My cancer doesn’t show up on TSH tests or most normal cancer markers because it attacks calcitonin which is something we all naturally make. So until YOU walk a mile in MY shoes then quit thinking you’re more important than you are. Again, I’ve dealt with people like you who say they are experts and I have the VISIBLE scars to prove it. You can wipe your arse with your credentials for all they are worth.

And just for your information, I know it’s probably not as important as the almighty cervical cancer but a seperate cancer also took my adrenal glands and lady, I would have much rather lost my cervix and uterus like my sister than lost my adrenal glands. If you have no clue what all the adrenal glands do then by all means inform yourself".

You know, EVERY cancer has it's difficulties. There are two sides to every coin- there are the people who get a form of cancer and it's taken care of quickly and easily. Then there are those who live with and die from cancer and it's hell. I don't even feign to deem myself in the latter group but I am in the middle. I will never hear the words "remission" or "cured" but I also will never hear the words "you have six months to live". It's a double edged sword. Yes, most people can get chemo and radiation for their thyroid cancer and have a good chance of hearing those first words but they can also be the person that is announced as losing their fight on my thyroid cancer group. NO cancer is more important than another though and no fight means more than another.

My last comment... "And yes you are right, there is a HUGE difference between a genetic cancer and a sexually transmitted one. I didn’t have any choice whatsoever in getting mine. You at least had the choice of sleeping with the person you slept with. I in no way think you deserved HPV because I would never wish it on anyone but still, you and most women with it including my sister were at least able to make the choice of having sex with the person/people you did. I was born with this imbedded in my DNA and never even had that option".

I will also post and reply to her follow-up here so we can close this back and forth..."That’s a terrible thing to say! I made the choice to marry and raise a family — I did not choose HPV no more than you chose what happened to you."

I will again say YOU made a choice. You had a choice. I never said you chose HPV and you know it. What I said is that you chose to have sex. Plain and simple. HPV is transferred through sex. You had sex. You chose the person you had sex with when you married him. It was a bad choice and believe me, I can completely understand that one but you CHOSE, *edited so she'll shut up, whether you like it or not. You never deserved it and neither does anyone else no matter how many people they do or don't sleep with but you made a choice that led to an outcome just like Patsy (the lady in my tribute) chose to smoke. She didn't deserve lung cancer and she sure as hell didn't deserve to die but she also wasn't shocked when they told her because she chose to smoke.

THAT is the huge difference between genetic cancers and sexually transmitted ones. We who have genetic cancers never chose to do anything that even remotely lead to this. Had I been diagnosed with lung cancer because I smoked, or cervical cancer because I had sex and got HPV, or throat and mouth cancer because I chewed tobacco I would still say the same thing that I am to you now.

Your choices and your or anyone else's cancers don't trump my genetics or anyone else's cancers but if you want to play that game and feel cervical cancer is harder and more important (as your replies imply) then you go right ahead. You want to side with Science then just remember that Science is pretty adament about the fact that HPV is a result of having SEX... an actual physical act that is under regular circumstances a choice of engaging in.

I do want to say again though that I am not saying anyone deserves HPV or cervical cancer. I would never wish either one on anyone and I DO understand how awful both are. I also take offense though to being told that something someone caught through sex is higher up on the chain than something someone (not just me) was genetically predisposed to get. That's just rude and ignorant!

I side with Science too, *edited but I mean really, like you can't find her name on her own site*, but unlike you I also choose to care about and see both sides of it.

No worries folks this is my last post on this. Tomorrow it will be back to the fun stuff!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ever Seen A Ticked Off Amazon??

If not you will now! Sometimes blogsurfing can end up being a very BAD thing like when you come across some *edited so she won't cry* blog and they post something like this...

"And why shouldn’t we vaccinate our daughters?"

My comment pretty much states my thoughts. Now before anyone thinks this is another debate post about whether or not people should have their daughters get the HPV vaccine, please just know that it's not.

I'm a pretty easy going person. YOU do what YOU think is best for YOUR family and I will do what I think is best for MINE. It really is that easy. I have no right telling you what to do with your children and I wouldn't presume to know what is best for them. It's just not me and I deserve the same respect in return.

If you want to get the HPV vaccine for your daughter, *edited so she'll shut up*, then you go right ahead. More power to ya but I've chosen after much reading and research (least anyone think I just tossed a coin or some shit) to NOT have my daughter vaccinated. If at any time she comes to me and says she wants to get it then I will take her to have it done but it will be her decision. In this house we discuss pretty much everything so I have no doubt that she will let me know.

Whether or not she gets it now or when she's eighteen is her choice and a decision in OUR family so don't you dare fucking say I'll be "faced with having to tell their daughters they didn’t get them Vaccinated because… (insert pathetic lame excuse here)".

Pathetic lame excuse? Pull your head out of your ass lady because obviously it's up there pretty damn far! So just because I'm not running out and doing what YOU are then any reasons I will never have to give later will be pathetic lame excuses?

I'm usually pretty mellow and only save this for "special" people but here it is....

Go fuck yourself!

Wooden Thomas The Tank Engine Recall

List Of Engines And Accessories Recalled

I just wanted to post this real quick because I know many of us have children who own many of the trains listed. Luckily for us, we only had the Day Out With Thomas one.

See, even Thomas and his friends have it out for your kids!!! I always knew those trains were evil just look at Diesel 10. You can tell he's a major asshole in the morning! Hmmmmm I just noticed a striking resemblance to my husba.... anyway.

Never trust something that can talk without moving it's lips. *wink*

By the way, there are pictures of the recalled trains if you scroll to the bottom of the page in that recall link.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Things heard in my house today...

"Can I sniff your hair"?- Sis has this thing with smelling my hair after I shower. Creepy ass kid!

"Mommy, my winkie likes me".- Said by MonkeyBoy. Yes, I was stupid enough to ask how he knew.

"Mom, can we make smoothies? Umm Mom, you're not suppose to put booze in smoothies. Mom, even wine makes you sick you're not suppose to...."- Yeah well Mommy's had a hard week and Daddy's ass chickened out and went to spend the night at his mother's vacant house in the city. I've earned it dammit!

"Who ate all my ice cream?"- Hubby Guy made the mistake of asking this question. Someday he will realize that the I Don't Know Ghost eats EVERYTHING!

"Ohhhh Mommyyyy, they are having SEX!!!"- again the 4yo but thankfully it was Animal Planet. My fault for telling him that "having sex" just meant "mating" when he asked. I froze, what can I say?

"Are you going to eat that?"- A normal question right? Not when Mommy is starting a diet tomorrow. At this point my fat ass is eating every damn bite it can before midnight! Got cookies?

"Mom can we watch a movie?"- Usually meaning something they aren't suppose to watch

"No, but we are going to finally watch Sound of Music"- Evil Mommy Me

"The hell you say!!"- 16yo obviously

"Fine, if you can yodel for twenty minutes straight while spinning in circles then we won't"- Evil Mommy Me again

"It's a deal!"- 16yo

"Let me grab the camera! This shit will be so funny when you pass out after turning blue from nuts to neck and I want to have proof!"- Do I really have to say who?

And just 5 minutes ago....

"Mom, are you going to..."

"Touch my goddamn food again and I will rip your arm off and beat you with it!!!"

Did I mention I'm out of soda and a really really bad caffiene addict? Yeah, if you don't hear from the kids by Tuesday then send someone out. ;)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

For You "Anti-Paid Post" Bitchers

People who are bitching about bloggers doing paid posts are really starting to piss me off!! The "Oh I don't do paid posts nope never will and refuse to read blogs that do" posts just plain suck! You know, it's really nice if you don't need extra money or if you are able to work a full time job out of the home or if you are one of the "elite" and get paid to blog by other means but that's not an option for everyone.

Some people have disorders, diseases, phobias, and restrictions that make working outside of the home hard but yet they still want to contribute somehow. You already feel pretty damn worthless when someone else is the only one paying all the bills. Doing paid posts is a way for some people to earn even a little extra money to help out.

For me, I would love to get a job out of the home but it's just not in the cards for me anytime soon. Our copays for medications alone (all of my meds most of which keep me alive and two children on Synthroid) average $150- $250 a month depending on whether or not I'm on something new for fibro pain, or something new for the nerve damage and pain, or it just happens to be a month I actually get to try a painkiller that might make things bareable. That's not including all the doctors' appointments I have every month with 4 different doctors (general doctor, oncologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, and someone new tossed in every so often), radiology for scans three times a year, bloodwork monthly plus four times a year for the kids, and all the other "fun" shit we go through.

By doing paid posts I am finally able to aleviate some of the burden from my husband's back and say "I've got this one honey". That's a damn fine feeling and if your snotty "oh I won't read blogs with paid posts" asses can't understand that then I am very grateful that you will no longer read my blog! Off with you and don't let the URL hit ya in the ass on your way out!

Get off your high horses and get over yourselves! There isn't a damn one of you that I've seen so far who is all that important anywhere other than in your own minds whether you write on one blog or ten!

I'm glad you don't have to do paid posts because believe me, I'd really rather not have to myself but for right now I do. I work very hard to make sure my readers have more actual posts to read than sponsored posts. I try to give at least (if not more) two good posts for everyone one paid post because I do care about the people who are nice enough to keep coming back.

Now if you were talking about the blogs that are nothing but paid posts......those assholes irritate the shit out of me too! Pull up an email and we'll bitch about them together. ;)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

NEVER Click On "Next Blog"!!

Do you know what clicking that little “Next Blog” button on the NavBar does? It takes you to some pretty weird shit that’s what!! I’m one of those people who have to be doing several things at once in order to think so while I was trying to think of something to post I decided to give the “Next Blog” feature a try. I figured maybe I would find something funny to talk about or a cute cartoon to post. Well NEVER AGAIN!!

I have a few questions to ask…

1- Why the hell start a blog and then not write in it? Hey moron, quit wasting a perfectly good blog URL if you’re not going to use it! Here’s a thought, delete the damn thing so it’s one less site the rest of us have to wade through while surfing.

2- Why is it that the really sicko blogs are always the ones that have removed their NavBars? I’m sorry but the minute I read anything that has to do with the words “Daddy fantasy” and “hard spanking” my ass is already trying to go on to something else. Don’t remove the navbar anymore or next time I might just leave you a nasty comment and I don't mean the kind that will turn you on! I can't wait to see the traffic I get thanks to posting those two little phrases. OY!!

3- Why is it every time you accidentally come across something like that it’s the exact moment that your teenager decides they want to come see what you are doing. Around here the convo went a little something like this…

Big B- "Um Mom, do you have Daddy issues you want to talk about"?

Mom- "Ewww NO, I just ended up on this blog while surfing and now I can’t get away from it"!

Big B- "Uh huh, if I ever see you wearing leather and holding a whip I swear I’ll send you the shrink bills from my therapy sessions".

Mom- "Honey, if I ever get to the point where I think my fat ass would look good in leather and that a whip is the perfect accessory I’m sure I’ll have my own shrink bills to worry about".

Big B- "Oh so now you’re not even going to pay the bill for screwing me up? Seeing the words “Daddy fantasy” might really have messed me up for life. Now I’m going to end up a hobo with issues that nobody will love because all I’ll be able to say is “No Daddy fantasy No Daddy fantasy”.

Mom- "You’re a rotten shit you know that? You’re just pissed that there wasn’t a cool picture of a dominatrix on the blog to look at you little perv".

Big B- *snickering* "I didn’t even notice. Ya think we could find it again"?

Mom- "Yeah, right after I don the leather undies and break out the whip. Go to bed ya weiner"!

Big B- "Okay now I'm just going to be sick. Thanks alot Mom"!

Mom- "You're welcome as always dear. Sweet dreams". *snicker snort*

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why I Love Blogging

Eliza over at I'm A Home Mom tagged me for this meme awhile ago and unfortunately it took me this long to get to it. The rules are simple, give five reasons why you love blogging and tag five other bloggers. No tag backs either but be sure to let them know who tagged you.

My Answers: Why I Love Blogging

1. When I first started blogging it was strictly to record what was going on medically with me and my children after our diagnosis. I never expected to ever do it for any other reason. Then one day I came across a "mommyblog" and realized that blogging about something else would be a great stress reliever. Thus Life With Heathens was born. I love blogging because I have always loved writing and making people laugh. This way I get to do both.

2. One thing I never expected to get from blogging was friends and the fun of knowing other bloggers. I love knowing that there are people that will always read my blog even if I get sick for a week or two and can't post anything. I love knowing that there are millions of other blogs out there for me to read and bloggers to "meet". It makes things alot of fun.

3. Before my diagnosis I was a regular poster on a few parenting boards that I really enjoyed. I became very close with alot of the ladies on the boards (Patsy was on those boards and an inspiration to us all) and we're still close today. Heck, I met my best friends on parenting groups and when we met face to face it was like we'd known each other forever! My best friend, Carrie, even witnessed my marriage to Hubby Guy. lol. After my diagnosis it was just hard for me to get into forums anymore. I felt very alone as this disorder is rare and hard to compare with other illnesses. Blogging gave me a chance to turn the loneliness into sarcastic fun and sharing. I love blogging because it's yet another chance to be myself.

4. Blogging also gives others a chance to find me and know they aren't alone. I've been contacted by cancer patients, stay at home moms, moms with teens, teen moms, a few people with MEN2a, and many more over the last few years. They have shared with me because they know I can relate and understand. I love knowing that people feel like they know me well enough to reach out like that. I like helping people and through blogging I've been able to.

5. I love blogging because it's so much faster than snail mail! A few of my friends have blogs so since I can't see them as often as I'd like I can at least know how things are going with them daily or weekly. My best friend ,Connie, and I have been writing letters back and forth for years. Getting letters in the mail is great but at times when she's busy working or I'm hit with some stupid illness its nice to know I can check her blog or if I'm sick the kids can read her blog to me so we can still stay in touch until the next letter.

Another truth that I haven't ever admitted but can now is that I'm not that good of a writer (as in professional writer quality) so blogging gives me a chance to still write my way and on my time without worry about how good or bad I am. I would love to be a writer for magazines or paid to blog but until I take a few classes and get my ADD under control, I know that isn't going to happen. So I get to blog and have people read my posts who like how I "write" and that's a nice feeling. Everytime someone new posts a comment here saying "I love your blog", I honestly giggle like a little schoolgirl!! Sick I know.

I have no clue who to tag at this point. So I will leave it up to you if you would like to try out this meme yourself. Just make sure you comment or email me so I can come read your answers.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


How is everyone’s weekend going so far? I’m in the midst of a fibro flare up so I’m bitchy, achy, tired, and did I mention bitchy? lol Monkeyboy knows just the right things to say though. This is the conversation we had earlier…

Monkeyboy- "Mommy, you are very important to me".

Mom- "I am? Why am I important to you"?

Monkeyboy- "Because I love you very very much and you are the best mommy ever".

Mom- "Thank you and you are the best Monkeyboy ever".

Monkeyboy- "And you love me"?

Mom- "And I love you"

Monkeyboy- "More than Bubby and Sissy"?

Mom- (thinking about how much Bubby and Sissy have pissed me off this week) "Yep, more than Bubby and Sissy".

Monkeyboy- "BUBBYYYY SISSYYYYYY Mommy likes me best"!!

Mom- "You tell ‘em"!

Of course, my kids all know that I love them equally but it’s fun to let the youngest one gloat every once in awhile.

Have a great day. I'm off to down a few painkillers. *wink*