Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Busy Sunday

It's only a little past noon here and already I've had a full day. Unfortunately, I still have a house to try to get the heathens to help me clean so there is no rest for the wicked around here. My day so far has been about cabbage rolls, my mother in law, games, exhaustion, and a little bit of fun as well. Here's the rundown thus far...

The cabbage rolls are what the Hubby Guy is fixing for dinner (yep, Polish Italian) and while it may sound really nasty to some people, they are surprisingly very good! I don't think I would eat them if anyone else made them but Hubby's are good and even my youngest likes them if that tells you anything.

The Mother In Law is coming to dinner tonight. This might shock you but I actually like my MIL and enjoy her company. We don't agree on many things (like homeschooling) but she is respectful to me and it's never an issue. We also like some of the same books and such so I enjoy my conversations with her.

Reviews. Now these are the cool part! I recently signed up with Mother Talk to be a part of their blog tours and reviews which is one of the smartest things I've ever done. It made me feel special because they contacted me. Yep, I felt all mushy and schtuff over it. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a book geek and I love to read just about anything and everything I can get my hands on. I look over the books that publishers have asked the Mother Talk owners to have us review, let them know which ones I'm interested in, and then the blog tours and books I'm chosen for I get to do a review on. A book is sent to me to read and give my honest opinion on then I get to keep the book! As far as I'm concerned there is no losing with this. If you haven't heard of them before or want to sign up then make sure you visit their site. I am very proud to be a part of Mother Talk.

I was also contacted by email this morning to review a DVD game for a company and it just so happens that the game is based on a movie that my kids LOVE!! So this is going to be alot of fun plus it gives me another reason to make the kids play a game with me. lol.

Last but definately not least, during the BlogAThon that was held yesterday BlogsWeLuv posted 10 Questions With Jo of Life With Heathens. Go read my answers to their questions and leave a comment if you'd like. I enjoyed their questions and I'm glad I got to be a part of all their luvin'.

Well I'm afraid that's it for today. I only slept three hours last night (damn leg pain again) so I'm beyond exhausted and I still have to run into town to get an onion for Hubby Guy's recipe. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to join me for Mad Click Monday tomorrow! Mr Linky will be up so be sure to leave your name and URL so others know you're participating. I finally had the chance to visit everyone who joined last week's blog and there were actually some pretty interesting looking ads.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is It The Weekend Yet?

Tomorrow I have lunch with my mother in law, books to return to the library, and hopefully I will make it by a fellow homeschooler's house who has a gajillion textbooks that the public school system is getting rid of! We're not really textbook type homeschoolers but considering the books are FREE and I can pass them on to others when we're finished with them, well I don't see a reason not to get them do you?

Oh and I also just found out that I won one of the Dog Days of Summer giveaways. I won a book of Impressionists, a flower frame, and cute little pink tissues from Ron and Connie at Serious Mumbo Jumbo!! This is really cool because that book is one of the things I wanted really really badly! The kids would just break the tea cup and I couldn't stand the idea of that but this book will be MINE MINE MINE!! :) Thank you again Ron and Connie. Too cool!

AND I found out through Google that the sweet and wonderful Rayne from Crunchy Bits awarded me with a Thinking Blogger Award. She said some really sweet stuff that might have made me a little teary-eyed but I'm not telling! Thank you Rayne and if you haven't visited her site yet please do. She gets some weird googlers too but seems to know how to help them out (use a stick save the squirrels).

Anywho- I know my posts aren't very good right now but I promise that as soon as the constantly wanting to toss my cookies passes I will be back to my old self again. Hmmmm is that really a GOOD thing? lol.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do Not Disturb!

I don't know about the rest of you but I am one tired puppy already and it is only Wednesday!! Monday just flew by because  I started giveaways on my Onorach and Sona Creidhe Reviews blogs. I tell you, my stats went from about 10 visits a day per blog to around 200 per day! It's unreal and I've already got almost 200 people total entered to win one of the eight prizes I'm offering. Wow!

By the way, if you haven't entered yet then I suggest you get your hiney over and do it now! No excuses! David, make sure you let Terri know so she can join too. ;) You have until Friday morning and then I will personally come to your blog and chastise you. The Blog Cafe and EMealsForYou have even donated some prizes to give my readers. Isn't that cool?!

Some good news. I entered Gotta Spa's "Mom: Get Glamorous" contest and guess what? I WON!! Can you believe it? I actually won something! It was so wonderful to be chosen and I am definately looking forward to all the great pampering products I will be getting. Hubby has already been warned that if he touches a single one of my bath products he will die a horrible death!! Thankfully most of the stuff is scented with girlie scents so he probably won't touch them. That means they will be MINE ALL MINE MINE MINE MINE!!! Did I mention they are mine? ;) Now I just have to worry about the girlchild stealing something. Hmmmm, I may have to trade her for a camel yet.

Last night I had the joy of talking to my blogsister Janice from Twist & Skewer and talk about fun! I think we chatted for about 4 hours and have so much in common. It was great getting to talk to her and talking about anatomy (she's going to college for nursing) with someone was fun. My knowledge was learned in life because of cancer and my health but so has some of her's. She's an amazing woman and I'm very glad to be able to get to know her better.

Last but definately not least, my other blogsister Saint Amy Jane has given me a very cool award. Amy is amazing and I am honored to know she thinks so much of me. I think getting her Hellatight award is KICK ASS!! If you haven't visited her yet then please do so soon. Wonderful lady.

Well that's it for right now. Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our Other Blogs & Sites

Cancer Is The "Easy" Part... It's Everything Else That's Killing Me!!
Our blog documenting our life with MEN2a, medullary thyroid cancer, and everything that has gone with it since the beginning. If you want to know about us then reading here is a good start.

Sona Creidhe Homeschooling
I homeschooled our three children aged 6-18 years until this year. Now I have only one left at home but we're still having fun at...

Homeschooling The Hyper Heathen
We are secular eclectic homeschoolers meaning we don't do it for religious reasons and we don't follow any one certain method. I've found that almost every method of homeschooling has something to offer and I use what works for us. If you want to know what our homeschooling life is like then this is the blog to start with.

LWH Reviews
While not everything I review is educational as I'd like, I do try to find the best products I can and give you my honest opinion on them. I hate buying things that break, are junk, or are just plain useless so I try very hard to help other parents (especially those on a budget) find the best products and the best deals.

Along with doing my own independent reviews, I have also done reviews for Mother Talk, Parent Bloggers Network, and Mom Central.

Jo's Poetry
Yes, I write poetry or at least I use to. I haven't written any in awhile but you are welcome to visit, read, and comment if you like.

Places I Write/Have Written For;
Dot-Moms (under Author-Jo)
The Whole Mom (my article Finding Strength)
Amitymama (under MomOfHeathens)
ClubMom (Story From The Heart)
Blue Ribbon Bloggers

See My Reviews At/For;
LWH Reviews
Mother Talk
Parent Bloggers Network
and occasionally on Life With Heathens

Thursday, July 19, 2007

If Ya Can't Take The Heat...

Stay outta his kitchen!!!

Meet my next husband, Gordon Ramsey! I know I know, why in the hell would I want a foul mouthed mean bastard like him? I don't rightly fucking know to be honest. *snort*

If you have no clue who he is or why I said what I just did then make sure you click on his name and watch one of the videos on the Fox website and you'll get it. *wink* In case you ever wondered what my REAL husband is like just take away everything of Gordon's except the bluntness and foul-mouth and you've got my Polish Italian to the point Hubby. lol.

Damn, if only Vin had Ramsey's accent. Even swearing sounds sexy when it he does it! hehe He almost gives Sean Connery a run for his money (voice wise). Almost.

Anywho- just a fluff post. I will try to post tomorrow if they let me come home after my ultrasound. If you don't hear from me for a few days then it means they put me in the slammer aka hospital and are trying to take some more of my organs! ;) Most likely though I will be back by the afternoon and then I'll post a real post for you.

Everyone have a great Friday and if I don't talk at ya sooner... enjoy your weekend!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Thank You and Info For The Gals

Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed with well wishes. I was finally able to get new painkillers to dull the pain. Currently I am working with a company that makes elephant tranquilizers and they should be getting back to me with shipment costs VERY soon. ;)

Just kidding but that is how I am feeling. Like it is going to take an elephant tranquilizer to ever give me a pain free day again. This dull ache though I can deal with so I will not complain and will be thankful to finally have something. I have an ultrasound scheduled on Friday for my gallbladder and pancreas as well as bloodwork on my liver enzymes. This should be a fun ride. Weeeeeee. Can't you tell how flipping happy I am?? Yeah, that was sarcasm. Ya'll are learning aren't you? *snort*

Anyway- A few emails I've received recently have asked me if I could help spread the word on a few things of which I am more than happy to do. Most of you will remember the whole HPV Vaccine Fuck Off deal in June. For those who are newer, please feel free to read and enjoy. ;)

As you all know we are a non-HPV vax family. It's just our current stance for our family alone. I am not against anyone who decides to get it or have their daughter get it. I'm very mellow that way- you do the best you can do for yours and I'll do the best I can do for mine. Anywho, a lady named Tracey contacted me asking if I would mind spreading the word about an HPV Test. Now this is not a vaccine. This is a test you can have performed with your yearly Pap that is made specificly to detect HPV. Obviously it won't cure you of it but you can find out early if you have it and increase your odds of not dying later on down the road from cervical cancer.

I am all for testing and I'm honestly going to make sure I ask for the HPV Test the next time I visit my "girlie doctor". All my tests have always come back all clear but I do know that the same can be said for other women and later (when it was too late) they found out differently. So as a friend I'm asking you to just visit the HPV Test site and read all their information. I also like Tracey and her crew because they don't push the Gardasil vaccine (and Tracey actually took the time to read my posts which is the way to my heart). They acknowledge it and give their information but that's it. I trust people like her alot more than I do vax pushers.

By the way, totally off topic but does anyone know how I can find out why this site is loading so slowly for some? I'm just not techie enough for stuff like that but want everyone to be able to read if they want to. Thanks.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Making The List

I’ve recently admitted to myself that I am one of those compulsive list making people. This is not to be confused with the compulsive list making and completing people. They can actually finish their lists and have something to show off to all their friends. People like me however make the lists but rarely complete them. Hell, half the time we can rarely find them!

I know what you’re thinking, why make lists at all then? Well because if I don’t, you will most likely see my children on a talk show in twenty years being asked “How has your mother forgetting to pick you up from activities ruined your life?” Lists are necessary for the times my memory decides to take the day off.

Over the years though I have learned a few things about list making that have helped me immensely. Here are just a few of them:

-Keep your lists short and simple. The longer the list the less likely you will be to finish it.

-If you look at your list in the morning and instantly feel exhausted, it’s too long.

-Never compare your list to someone else’s. It seems no matter how well we’ve done we always feel like someone else has done better. List envy never leads to any good!

-Worry less about what you didn’t get done and more about what you did. You should feel a sense of pride for your accomplishments not guilt.

Has learning these things guaranteed I will complete my lists? Hell no! Has it helped me finish more of them? Absolutely and better yet, I no longer feel stressed about the things I don’t cross off.

I’m also happy to report that in sixteen years I’ve never forgotten to pick the kids up from something. Well, maybe just the one time but that was before I started making lists and I honestly thought the Hubby Guy was getting them! That one doesn’t really count, does it? Does it??

What things do you make lists for? Feel free to share your stories and tips on getting the most out of list making.

*Originally posted on August 06, 2006 at Some sentences altered to reflect more of my personality here at LWH*

Monday, July 09, 2007

Wow Lookie What I Got!

I came back online this morning to find out that yesterday I won a The Rising Blogger Post of the Day award. What I love about this award is that it is rewarded for posts and they chose my "More Than A Scar" post which is one that is very near and dear to my heart.

Isn't it pretty? Thank you Judd and The Rising Blogger, I am truly honored and will display the award proudly in my sidebar.

Now, I get to nominate another blogger's post so I'm off to read all of you lovelies! :) This is going to be hard.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Real-world Wonder Women

Do you know that television’s Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, left acting for several years to stay home and raise her two children? I mention this because to me, when Ms. Carter stopped “playing” Wonder Woman on TV she then took on the role of a lifetime: Motherhood. That is when she became a real life Wonder Woman.

We moms may not have bulletproof wrist cuffs (can you imagine doing dishes in those?), a magic lasso (though it would come in handy for wild children), or an Invisible Jet (how many carseats could fit in that thing anyway?) but who needs fancy accessories? We moms come specially equipped with many extraordinary superpowers like:

Magic Kisses- Our magic mommy kisses can heal booboos, vanquish bad dreams, stop tears, and charm grumpy husbands.

Soft Arms- These amazing arms provide safety from closet monsters, lovingly snuggle many children at once, and one hug can make all sadness in a child’s world just melt away.

Super Senses- Every mommy comes standard with this awesome power. We can hear mischievous whispers from two rooms away, know a lie the moment it leaves our child's or husband’s lips, see through the back of our heads, and we always know who wrote on the wall without ever asking. Nothing gets past our super senses!

As mothers, our powers are endless. While TV’s Wonder Woman did a wonderful job of teaching a generation of girls about strength and self-worth, today’s real life Wonder Women go even further. We are raising the male and female “superheroes” of tomorrow. The future of the world truly rests in our hands.

So Lynda Carter’s character can keep the costume and fancy extras, for us real world Wonder Women they’d just get in the way. From the moment we hear our child’s first cry of life we instantly have everything we’ll ever need. How could a piece of rope top that?

Okay so maybe we really would love one of those bustier’s with the “W’s” on it for date night with the hubby, but that’ll just be our little secret.

What “superpowers” do you possess (or wish you did)?

*Originally posted at DotMoms but being shared here for my newer readers and the curious*

Friday, July 06, 2007

Umm, More Awards To Give?

*Will the person from Kentucky who keeps googling and searching this blog for Kirk Coiner please email me if you would like more information. Fifteen visits in one week is a little much. Thanks*

Okay so I've exhausted all the cutesie ass titles when giving awards. Sorry, suck it up, you're still getting an award ya weiners! *wink*

Anywho- here are the last 6 Thinking Blogger awards I have to give out. Remember, I'm just trying to give them to people that I don't think have received one yet. Otherwise I'd be giving out about 30 of these damn things! :) Again with the rules...

Here's how the Thinking Blog Awards work - These are Ilker's Rules:
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think. (I'm breaking this rule and giving out 6 because there are many who make me think)
2. Link to this post so everyone can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.
You can find the thinking blogger award in my lefthand sidebar. Just right click and save to your computer. I don't have the silver one I'm afraid but if anyone would rather have that one let me know and I'll find it for you. :)

Janice at Twist & Skewer- You are an amazing blogger that I have "met" recently and I'm very glad to know you. You are so strong and I learn something everytime I read your blog. I look forward to knowing you for a very long time. Thank you for being willing to share not only your knowledge but your pain as well with your readers. I for one greatly appreciate you.

Rachel at Our Gaggle of Girls- While I'd never wish fibro on anyone else I'm glad to know you because your spirit and fight encourages me to go on during the days I just want to lie in bed and cry. I always look forward to the days when you are not in the red zone and having a nice time with your family. It gives me hope and reminds me that I have fibro but it doesn't have me. Thank you for that.

Kat at Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm- I think you were one of the very first bloggers I ever linked to and that linked to me. I'm so glad too because your posts are always funny, thought provoking, sarcastic as hell, and honest. I'm sorry I don't comment that often but just know I read all the time and it's probably a good thing we don't live close to each other because we would probably get in all kinds of trouble! ;)

Sam at No School, Just Learning- You are so awesome but I think you already know that. You were among the first homeschooling bloggers I read at a time when I wasn't sure I could do this. Reading your blog helped calm me down and let me know that it can be done. Thank you for that. You have the perfect combination of life, humor, sarcasm, fun, and learning on your blog and it's always a great read. Heck, you even make beer sound good!!! lol.

Katie at Divinely Crafty- You are a daily reminder of how thankful I am for Amitys and I'm so glad I know you. Of course, you had to go hop across the pond on me but your personality makes it feel like you are just down the street. You're another fibro mama that I look up to and who reminds me that the pain hurts but life still goes on. You keep me from feeling sorry for myself and for that I thank you. I am so proud of all you have accomplished in England and in your life, period. I look forward to many more years of knowing you girl.

Lill at News From Hawkhill Acres- You are just too cool for words. Your blog honestly mellows me out (no clue why but you're not boring dear don't worry. lol) and it's where I read when all I want to do is smack the hubby guy in the head with a frying pan. You have saved that man's life soooooooooo many times! ;) I enjoy hearing about your life in Maine and you always link to really great blogs that I might not find otherwise. Thank you for always commenting on my blog and encouraging me.

And now I'm done with the thinking blogger awards and can move on to the friendship rose, the courageous blogger award, and the schmooze award. I think ya'll are doing this on purpose to keep me from posting a real post. It's like handing a breathmint instead of telling me my breath is funky isn't it? Hmmm?

Chickens! ;) lmao Much love to all of you.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'd Like To Thank My Loyal Fans...

*snort* I'm starting to think I enjoy coming up with titles more than the posts themselves. lol

Anywho- I was going to post my last six thinking blogger awards today but when I opened my email I saw that I had received two more awards so I want to take this post to acknowledge and thank Christy from Christy's Coffee Break & Writer's Review and Janice from Twist & Skewer.

Christy awarded me her very new "Courageous Blogger" Award. See....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Janice awarded me the "Blogging Community Involvement" Award or affectionately known as the "Schmoozer's Award". lol

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So I guess that makes me a rocking, thinking, schmoozing, courageous friend right? :) I just want everyone to know that I appreciate all these blog awards. It's nice to know that people read and think so highly of me. I enjoy getting know each and every one of you more than you know.

This means that after I post the thinking blogger awards I get to start thinking about who to give these out to as well. LMAO. I'm not complaining though, this is fun.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More Than A Scar

In June 2005 I had a surgery for cancer that left me with a large U-shaped scar on my neck. Since then I have had the misfortune of being initiated into the world of rude staring. You see, people seem to think it's OK to stare, avoid eye contact, and then dash away. It's not really the staring that gets me but the refusal afterwards to look me in the eye. I know you were staring so why not look at me and acknowledge me too?

On behalf of all of us with scars, here are some tips the next time you're tempted to stare at someone and then look away:

1. We know our scars are obvious. We realize that you're going to see them and be a little shocked. We're fine with that. Look us in the eye, smile, and acknowledge us.

2. Having these scars means that we've either been through something traumatic or had a surgery that saved our lives. We already feel self-conscious enough so please look at us and if you'd like to know why we have these scars just ask. Usually we're happy to answer you and share our experiences.

3. We really are still just like you. We do everything the same as you everyday. We are physically "flawed" is all. That doesn't make us any less of a person or make our feelings any less important.

4. Please don't make awful faces at us. We can see you. We don't want to have these scars. We didn't ask for them and again, we've obviously been through something pretty significant to get them.

5. Be proud of us. Support us. Congratulate us because you see, we are survivors. Survivors of cancer, abuse, accidents, and so many other things. It doesn't matter what happened to make us scarred just that we survived it and now live with these scars. We shouldn't be made to feel ashamed for surviving.

In general, remember that we are still people too and we are actually the ones living with this. I don’t just say this for people who may be scarred but anyone who may seem "different." It doesn't make us less human. If anything it might make us more human because we now understand the pain of others. Show us the kindness you would want to be shown if you were in our shoes. I'd be willing to bet you'll get the same in return.

How do you help your child(ren) understand physical and other differences?

*Originally posted by me at on March 06, 2006. Reposted to LWH because I felt it was worth my newer readers having a chance to read and get to know me better*

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Flousey Flousey...

Damn Fergie!!! Now her crappy song is stuck in my head! *le sigh*

A little while back Doc awarded me a Thinking Blogger award. Okay, so she awarded everyone on her blogroll an award but by jove it still counts! Today I will give out those six awards and then in another day or two I'll give out the rest with a special Friendship Rose going out to one very special person.

Keep an eye out for a few of my old DotMoms posts on this blog very soon. Those of you who are new readers can have a chance to read something other than my usual dirty-mouthed crapola! lol. I chose my favorite posts so I hope you will like them too.

Here's how the Thinking Blog Awards work - These are Ilker's Rules:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think. (I'm breaking this rule and giving out 6 because there are many who make me think)
2. Link to this post so everyone can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Meg of Get In Hang On- of course you're going to be my very first one awarded because you are one of the most amazing and smartest people I know. I'm so glad that we got to know each other while you were here. You are one of the few friends I had/have here and I'm so glad that friendship has continued. I don't think I would have made it through the first year of homeschooling Big B without your help. Thank you.

Jessica of Did I Read The Fine Print?- Not only are you my Mormon Puddin' Pop but you have also been a great friend over the years. You have taught me so much about so many things- Mormonism, what life with a big family is like (she's pregnant with number SEVEN folks!), and how to keep fighting for the things that mean something to me. I'm very glad to have you as a friend Kool-Aid, hot dogs, and all.

Robin of I'm Not A Writer- I am so jealous of how quickly you picked up knitting, girl. The things you make are awesome and I enjoy seeing each and every one. Thank you for always being there for me. You are another person who has been here through all the cancer, MEN2a, pain, and other BS that has become my life. You always offer an ear and a shoulder and I always know I can count on you. I truly treasure your friendship and hope it lasts for many many years.

Joy of Dante's Virgil- I think I found you through a comment on Doc's blog a few years ago and ever since I have enjoyed knowing you and reading your blog. You are so witty, intelligent, and fun. Those are all reasons why I know I could meet you tomorrow and feel like I've known you forever. Your love for your son is so strong and so inspiring. Thank you for being my friend and letting me into your world.

Cassandra at The Atheist Mama (two years and I still don't know her name!)- Your site is fantastic and where I always go when I've had to deal with a fundie or fanatic. Why? Because your site is filled with intelligent, thoughtful, and informational posts and it helps me to drop the anger and instead just read and learn. You were the first atheist blogger I came across and ever since then I've been hooked. Thank you for all you are and all you do.

Vicki & Joey of Where The FuhKaui?- This family is amazing and I am so jealous of their lives! This family has converted an old schoolbus into an RV and they travel the country with their children. The kids are homeschooled in title but actually they are life and everywhere schooled! Lucky kids. If you've never visited this site before then please read some of Vicki's posts. They have seen some really amazing things in their travels and they are alot of fun. Thank you FuhKaui family for sharing your world and teaching me something new everytime I visit your blog.

That's it for tonight. On Thursday I should be able to have the remaining 6 names up and then the last awards as well.

In other news- the total number of visitors for June was 2,083. So I didn't get any new action but I at least didn't go down either so I am very very happy about that!

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Glamorous...

I want to ask that you take a few moments to send your thoughts (and prayers if you pray) to NYCWatchDog. He lost his little boy last week in an accident at the swimming pool. I can only imagine the pain he has been in and I admire his strength. I don't know if I could be as strong and hope to never find out. Another blogger collected donations for the Puppy Monster Memorial Fund (his son's nickname) and as of this weekend they raised over $3000!!! Isn't that amazing?!

Okay, I wanted to make sure that I gave out at least a few awards tonight. I know, I've been hoarding them for awhile now but I am ready to pass them on. Ready? Let's work that carpet baby!

Rockin' Blogger Awards-

Last week MadGoatLady gave me the very fun Rockin' Girl Blogger award. So this week I get to pass it on to four of you. Why just four? Well because they've made one for the guys now too and so my fifth award will go to our resident manly man. LOL.

Also, I'm trying to pick people who haven't been picked. If you read this blog regularly then you are honestly someone I'd like to give an award to but I figured I'd pass it to those who are awardless thus far. *wink*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Angie Lee- You get this award because I think you are absolutely awesome, and you sealed my gurliefriends-online-love with the Friendship Rose award you gave me. You are truly a rockin' girl blogger and I'm so very glad to know you.

Kristie at Slacker-Moms-R-Us- You get this award because you really do rock and your wit, strength, and outlook on life always make my day better. I'm so glad to know you and thank you for being you. Don't let 'em get to you girl! ;)

Eliza- You are my contest hookup and I love reading ALL the blogs you write for. Besides, you look just like one of my best friends so that of course endears me to you even more. *wink* I'm sorry my blog is causing your computer problems right now but know that I appreciate each and every visit you make.

Jen- It's odd to think I've known you for over three years now but I'm thankful for every one of them. You are so funny and full of life. I hope to be you when I grow up, smokin' body and all! lol. Maybe you could slow down once in awhile though because while you're more "mature" than me, you're really making me look bad with all the spinning, meetups, and life in general. Damn woman, you make ME tired just reading ya! ;)

And last but definately not least, I want to give my favorite male blogger an award as well...

David- As you said in a comment, we are complete opposites but I truly believe that you, your wife, and I are alike in the ways that matter. You are good people who care not only about your family but others as well. You are open-minded and don't judge me because I'm not like you. You two are the kind of people I love to surround myself with and I am very honored and thankful to be getting to know you both. You are also so funny and such a smartass! I may have to make you and Terri my Mormon Popsicle and Mormon Nutty Buddy though. What can I say? You Mormons just make me wanna give you ice cream names. *snort*

Sweet dreams everyone and may you and your family stay safe.